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How to start talking English or How many to go on same?

U of each of those who learned - English are the answer to the question How to start talking English? . All of us are very different, everyone comes to knowledge of language a little in own way. Therefore it seems that there are many ways to achieve same. Why I speak it seems ?

Once, at the beginning of reorganization, the question began to interest me how to improve a condition of hair: to have a voluminous and thick hair, to strengthen them so that they did not drop out. This question interests very many people, the whole clinics work for helping (generally to men, but also even to women) to get rid of such problem. Now there was the whole industry of preservation and restoration of own heads of hear. However, I consider that I was lucky - during that old period one very interesting book on this subject fell of me into hands and now advertizing of all clinics on a hair reconstruction raises at me only a smile.

To the author of the book, the hairdresser by profession, it was succeeded to find a common denominator of all those ways of restoration and strengthening of hair which were known to our ancestors and modern medicine. To be fair it is necessary to notice that the modern medicine also does not disdain the experience which is saved up by last generations. What as a result? On the author`s assurances, most of her clients it was succeeded to restore own their bald or growing bald head hair! I was very much inspired by experience of this hairdresser. But I did not get used to trust unconditionally someone`s statements even if their source - very authority figure.

In 90 - e years people tried to survive who as could, and one of ways was development of new professions to have an opportunity to earn additionally. So it turned out that I ended courses of hairdressers and I had clients among whom there were both men, and women. Two with problem hair got among them. - that I also decided to check the way stated in the book for them. The way was quite natural, natural (nothing mystical!), not demanding absolutely any investments, and there are only a little efforts generally from the person wishing to restore a former head of hear. And I was happy when I with own eyes saw on the growing bald heads young young growth new (own!) hair! In the same way in due time I managed to restore also the hair.

However What does it have to do with studying of English?! - you ask. Just as the hairdresser managed to find a common denominator of recipes on cultivation of hair, in studying of English there is also a basic law, knowing which, it is possible to master language. On the basis of this law it is possible to build an uncountable set of techniques. One of them will suit one people, others - to others. Not each technique will work in each case. But if to know the basic rule - the success will be close to 100%.

In what the basic rule if we speak about studying of English, about ability to speak English consists? It too (as well as in a case with hair) very natural, basic rule. It was known to our ancestors, this thought is familiar to us on a proverb repetition - mother of the doctrine . Yes, I undertake to approve the following: to know English (Russian, German, Spanish, Hindi, Yiddish, etc. - necessary to substitute), it is necessary to repeat (words, phrases, offers) until they do not become part you. So far you will not begin to feel them, without thinking of how it is correct to build offers and to connect words in them. So all of us acquire language of the people after the birth. We repeat, we repeat, we repeat We practice informal conversation.

A problem only in what sometimes we do not know as how to repeat. Sometimes such repetition seems to us boring and ridiculous occupation. Of course, here too there are nuances. New general rules. However, if you are not going to become an expert in the field of training in language, there is no sense to master a complete theory of how to train. It is enough to go to an English course where you will be trained according to such fundamental rules. You will master rules intuitively, on the training course as you mastered the native language - strongly and forever.

On the course English as a Second Language (ESL) in the organizations of Applied Education to you will help to overcome a condition of boredom and fatigue from, apparently, infinite repetitions same . You will be able to acquire (to acquire - to make, habitual) English and will be able to use it, is similar native - without thinking of the correct creation of phrases and offers. You will be able, without thinking of rules, to truly formulate the thoughts and to understand thoughts of the interlocutor. On this course you will be able to otpraktikovat, bring to perfection the skills in colloquial English. We will not teach you to grammar, we teach you to think and speak English.

To learn more about the course ESL, and also to participate in a fragment of a real lesson, you can visit our free introduction lessons in Moscow or contact representatives in other cities.

Stop learning language, begin to communicate in English!]