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How to live and die the nonconformist? Farewell, Bobbie!

did not become on January 18, 2008 Bobbie Fischer. It is not less person who for us, boys 70 - x years of last century, seemed, thanks to the Soviet promotion than a fiend, a curve grin of the rotting West. Where to us then was to understand, as at itself in America it is not obedient the good child, acting on a pointer of CIA, and the great nonconformist capable to go to a serious act to oppose the I Ego to anyone. Including, apparently, to the terrible U.S. Government threatening to it with punishment when in 1992 he played in hated State Department of USA of Yugoslavia memory match with Boris Spassky. Perhaps, someone else remembers how he in the face of TV viewers of the whole world of Bobbie took paper with the tough instruction to leave the Slavic country and simply - naprosto spat in it.

History of formation of his personality, at the first stage of its biography, coincides with history of its formation as chess player. Perhaps, chess gave it everything if not to tell more - money, wide popularity in the homeland, recognition of the whole world, an opportunity to drive about freely on the world and to extravagantly behave, say what wants. Being the egocentric, surprisingly closed, reserved personality, he, nevertheless, made a lot of things for chess, maybe, and without wishing that, attracting in chess with strength of the personality and acts a huge number of children, influence on minds - politicians and journalists, popularity - businessmen, unwillingness to nobody and nothing to submit - nonconformists and adherents of a personal freedom from around the world.

It did by the boy surprisingly fast chess career in absolutely not chess country which saw in it unique object of cold war, the tool by means of which it is possible to disorganize one of the most powerful and the myths which are badly giving in to destruction - the myth about total hegemony of the Soviet grand masters in one of the most intellectual sports.

And to it it worked well. Not at once, not at youthful age when it, full of ambitious plans, with a crash lost to the same Soviet grand masters candidate tournament of 1962. It happened at the beginning of 70 - x when, appear, that the Soviet chess is the most unapproachable bastion of socialism. Fischer the unprecedented impact caused the whole panic among invincible Soviet champions. Mark Taymanov and Tigran Petrosyan - two invincible pillars of the Soviet chess, fell before a pressure of the chess genius as badly put houses of cards. Taymanov in general lost to Fischer dry - 0:6. America which was eager for victories in cold war just painfully shchelknuty victories of the Soviet hockey players over Canada and domination of Olympians from the USSR to the Olympic Munich, could not stop ecstasy: Fischer - our everything!

Bobbie`s match for a rank of the world champion with invincible then still Boris Spassky, rather young on age, became the following fortress which was handed over by Bolsheviks. Then we - almost children, were plentifully stuffed with information about extravagant, impudent and even silly, in our opinion, - kindergarten acts of the western chess player: it has not enough money, fans with cameramen do not arrange, new to game give the room - to the foul dancer always legs disturb. The Soviet newspapers wrote that that hour when is short When the account became already 2:0 in favor of Spassky, appear, that communism victory already not far off. Perhaps, even Spassky as a result of promotion believed in the star, and gave a hasty consent to go to very unfair conditions for himself dictated chess federation by the become impudent Bobbie. As a result Spassky with a crash lost - 3:7.

Now back mind you understand that much that then spoke about Fischer - it is only a consequence of the deadlock in which it appeared of that time Soviet public relations . At us suddenly started talking that Fischer possesses IQ which is nearly higher, than at Albert Einstein, began to call him the madman. Why? Most likely, because bosses of the Soviet promotion then solved: if someone also managed to overcome the Soviet superiority, then it has to be the person outstanding. The system can reproduce high level, but any system cannot predict appearance of the genius. Fischer became almost a God for our intellectuals close to chess which literally was sweeping away the best-seller " which appeared then in the Union from counters; My 60 memorable parties . Bobbie became in the Soviet Union something like a forbidden fruit, peculiar jeans label only in chess, intellectually the world.

What was endured by America after Bobbie`s victory - it is inconceivable. Fischer lifted the provincial chess country on ears. On it all who wanted it and did not want went crazy. His portraits and interview were printed where about chess nobody and never wrote. Fischer`s success generated to life the whole chess generation in the USA which, in general, now and represents this country in the chess kingdom. But nobody in America then got to the core of secret life of spirit of Bobbie Fischer. The country opened to it embraces, soul, and it in it, especially without reflexing, with pleasure spat. Did not want to be that whom any true American wanted to see it.

- You considered that I such, and I - as such what you do not want to see me. You loved me white, and fall in love - black. there is no

, America does not wish to love those who do not divide its false values.

In the same time the Country of Councils looked for our answer to Fischer . On boundless open spaces of the USSR it was necessary to find the fellow from a simple working family, surely loyal to the existing system which would surpass the American child prodigy in the talent. Or, as a last resort, it was equal to it. Such simple and loyal genius from the city of Zlatoust was found - not who other as Anatoly Karpov, a thin voice, just like the pioneer from " was him; Morning dawn announced to the world the champion ambitions.

Fischer gave up to the shaky zlatoust fellow without fight. However, with chess federation it fought, exposing it humiliating conditions: We Play up to ten victories, at the score 9:9 the match comes to an end. I become a champion and that will do . Even the chess bureaucrats not always sympathizing the USSR could not demolish such impudence. Anatoly Karpov was declared the champion, and Bobbie Fischer for long time dropped out of sight the chess world. Became in it Flying Dutchman which, by hearsay, appeared there, here, but never and anywhere officially it did not appear in lists of any chess tournament. Even Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, for the pleasure which unexpectedly fell down the head of the Soviet leaders, it is disturbing waiting for a failure, having felt psychological simplification, was deeply moved, having pressed similar to the Macintosh toshchenky to Roofing felt to the hairy breast, and gave smacking kiss the inimitable company kiss:

- Took a crown, hold! Give nobody!

The great Soviet myth returned on the lawful place and kept then even kind two decades until wanted to destroy it Soviet Bobbie - Garry Kasparov who became the sworn enemy of system him generated and fostered. By the way, less successful, than original. If Bobbie so up to the end was also not socialized in not best of the worlds, remaining the ingenious hermit and the aging chess genius who left mind, then Harry lost image of the ingenious chess player, but got an image of the unlucky political nihilist.

Summer of 2004 Bobbie was detained at the Tokyo airport with the expired passport. He was temporarily put in prison, and the American legalists sent him damnations and promised to put for 10 years. And, perhaps, such shame also happened if a helping hand of Bobbie was not given by tiny Iceland which granted it a political asylum and nationality. It became the only country in the world not only which appreciated talent of the chess genius but also really decided to help it with a difficult life situation. It turned out that geniuses in the pure, so to speak, refined look, are not necessary to the big states with big ideological ambitions. There was what occurred: the chess world lost the violent son, and the small northern country forever got the right to be called the country where the great chess genius not only lived, but also ventured to die.

Farewell, Bobbie! We are with you about one blood, you yes I.

P. S. Garry Kasparov refused to participate in Bobbie Fischer`s funeral, having referred to employment.]