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Where it is possible to have a rest well in Spain?

Presently the abroad, perhaps, whom you will not surprise. Very many visited at least one country and understood how it is good - to have a rest abroad. However it is impossible to learn and see everything. And so there is a wish. Today we offer you short excursion across Spain. You will read and, you look, you will decide to go to this country. Tour operators assure that it is only possible to dream of such rest.

Spain is subdivided on continental and island. It would seem, the country one, and the atmosphere everywhere different:

Weather. Can read off scale for 40 degrees, but in Spain fills with everything temperate Mediterranean climate: the sea heats up, but not to a condition of pair milk, 23 - 24 degrees, and air is not heated, in July - 27 - 28 ° in August - no more than 30 ° In Spain it is good to have a rest that who does not want to change climate sharply. It is possible to bathe till October.

Gastronomy. Spanish cuisine - one of the best in the world. Ohm is famous for the variety. Practically in each region there are features of preparation of dishes. So, for example, Catalonia adjoining on the South of France specializes in the refined sauces impacting unique relish to culinary masterpieces. Valencia is known as the paella homeland - rice, seafood and vegetables dishes. In the central regions of the country different types of roast enjoy special popularity. And, certainly, in Spain it is possible to try also dishes of the French, Chinese, Italian cuisine and many other things. The lunch on one person in cafe and small restaurants with which all resorts abound costs about 5 - 8 euros (salad, a main course, a dessert). Spain does very tasty beer and wine. And it is possible to buy them at very low price.   wine bottle; on average costs 1 - 4 euro.

Infrastructure. In Spain it is a lot of exchange offices which work almost round the clock. All restaurants, cafe, large shops located in a tourist zone work from early morning to late evening, and many and round the clock. Approximately with 13. 00 - 13. 30 to 16. 00 - 16. 30 almost everything is closed on a siesta.

And now it is more concrete:

the Resort Costa Brava (the North of Spain)

Is famous for coastal landscapes, spacious beaches alternate with the rocky massifs overgrown with evergreen trees.

What to look:

• the capital of Catalonia - Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities of Spain. Unique architecture of different times (Gothic quarter, cathedral of the Holy family and so forth) Pablo Picasso`s museum, bullfight at Toros Square

• Montserrat - the Benedictine monastery built in the 11th century at top of the mountain

• Salvador Dali`s museum in the city of Figeres

• islands to Medea - the sea reserve consisting of six rocky islands. The ideal place for immersions with an aqualung

• one of the largest aquaparks in Spain

For whom: To people who prefer not only to lie on the beach but to go on various excursions.

to the Resort Costa del Sol (the southern Spain)

the Great influence on development of the South of Spain was exerted by Arabs therefore civilized Europe borders on the exotic East here. Hotels generally 4 - and 5 - stars.

What to look:

• Seville - capital of Andalusia

• Cordoba (main sight - Meskvit`s mosque) Balearic Islands

Island Spain differs in

from continental. Some isolation from « affects; continent . On islands life more measured, quiet. And nevertheless, the gloss inherent in Spain remains.


the largest island of the Balearsky archipelago. The continent in a miniature.

What to look:

• Palma de Mayorca - the capital of the island, a combination of unique old times and

boutiques • huge caves of Arta

• natural park Galatzo

• park of marine animals

• Spanish Disneyland - amusement park, largest in Europe.

For whom: for people who want to combine island tranquility with the Spanish expression.


One of the best resorts for youth. It is called the Spanish Hollywood. On the island there are no restrictions in anything: neither in the choice of clothes, nor in behavior, nor in a way of life. Freedom and fun without borders.

What to look:

• hippie - the market in vicinities of of Santa Eulalia

• the best discos of the world working in the non mode - stop

• historical sights.

For whom: party-goers from around the world.