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What drugs to take in a foreign trip?

can overtake the Illness unawares in any place, in any country and in the most improper time. The Russian tourist has to meet troubles fully equipped. In many countries all medicines are on sale according to the recipe, without it it is possible to buy only the most primitive anesthetics. In that case the drugs taken with themselves from the house will give help quickly, effectively and will save deneg to the provident traveler.

On the first place among all tourist diseases there are colds. Often the first days of a trip are poisoned with so-called acclimatization. At the same time the person feels low, an indisposition, a headache, an ache in joints, and also rise in temperature is sometimes noted. For such cases it is necessary to take with itself in the road febrifugal and anesthetizing.

Diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path are on the second place. The few can resist temptations of unfamiliar ethnic cuisine - from here food poisonings, exacerbations of gastritises, stomach ulcer, pancreatitis. Doctors advise on a case of various gastric frustration to take with themselves:

1. Absorbent carbon.

2. Ftalazol who is sulfanylamide of a broad spectrum of activity, active concerning causative agents of almost all intestinal infections.

3. Baktisubtil.

Besides, it is necessary to take any antihistaminic preparation which in case of need will eliminate allergy symptoms in a trip. It happens so that on trip abroad of people for the first time meets unfamiliar allergen (for example, pollen of a plant unknown to you or some exotic fruit). For this reason in your first-aid kit have to be tavegit, suprastin iliklaritin.

If voyage or flight by plane is necessary to you, then just in case take with yourself drugs from sea and aeroembolism, for example kinedrit. They are, as a rule, used not only for treatment motion sickness but also for its prevention. By the way, if you already accepted an antihistaminic preparation, it will help also from a motion sickness!

The summer is a fine opportunity to take air and solar baths: the ultraviolet makes active vitamin D which promotes strengthening of bones. However at the same time it is necessary to protect skin from harmful effects of the sun. It is desirable to use antisolar creams which should be selected, considering both their protective properties, and ability to keep as long as possible on skin. Take with yourself fine burns medicine - pantenol.

Besides, there is a sense to put validol in the first-aid kit. In unusual situations it is simply irreplaceable as it is effective at neurosises and isteriya. It should be taken easily excitable people. Also validol is used as an antivomitive at seasickness.

Before a trip in a row of the island, Asian, Latin American and African countries it is necessary to do vaccination. They will secure you against tropical and other, rare and dangerous diseases. Water in the specified countries it is necessary to drink only mineral. All drinks have to be in a factory packing. Do not buy food from street dealers. In the tropical countries it is possible to bathe only in sea water or in pools of hotels. Avoid contacts with fresh reservoirs.

To derive pleasure from travel and to come back home healthy, we advise you to prepare for a trip in advance, to implement all recommendations of doctors and it is obligatory to insure before a trip of and the children.

Good luck and health to you in way! Do not forget about the first-aid kit!