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How it is correct to use cribs?

It is known that from session before session live students cheerfully. And during session desperately hope for free, condescension of teachers and for cribs.

Cribs arose along with emergence of sessions and students. For a long time of the existence of a crib changed, improved, but remained one of the most necessary things at examination.

There are several types of cribs, each of which is subdivided into several versions:

1. Paper:

- classical, representing a small piece of paper on which the small print wrote the main theses of the answer to one or several questions. To write off from such crib quite difficult. The ideal option for use of such crib - to sit down in the middle of audience and to put a crib for someone`s back. Special handymen use such crib, having covered it with a palm. In view of the small size of a crib to carry by it in audience does not make special work: the crib can be hidden in a pocket or in a boot top.

- preparation - a leaf, with the developed answer to a question. For application of this type of cribs it is necessary to learn what paper in advance the teacher uses at examination. If at examination issue you the sheet of white paper of the A4 format, then to use preparation will be written on a writing-book leaf simply - naprosto it is impossible. For use of this type of cribs it is necessary to mislead the teacher sure and numerous literary trash on the given sheet of paper. And then it will be rather simple to find a leaf with the necessary answer and to pull out it from the general pack. Liszt with literary trash needs simply - naprosto to hide in a pocket or a school desk.

- invisible being - has much in common with preparation . Cunning is that in the course of preparation of a crib it is necessary to write answers to tickets, previously having enclosed a blank sheet under on what the answer is written. At the same time it is necessary to press more feasibly on the handle that on a blank sheet there were prints of the written answer. At examination it is necessary just to get the necessary leaf and to choose a convenient corner under which it is visible " better; written .

- book - the kind of a crib demanding a minimum of expenses of work and time but also efficiency of such crib is minimum. The book crib is that other as the page which is pulled out from the book.

2. Scientifically - technical:

- pleerny - record of the correct answers to a question on the cartridge or a disk. At the right time the player joins and under own dictation the answer to a question is written.

- mobile. For application of this type of cribs the assistant who will dictate you in due time the answer to a question is necessary.

3. Other:

- taynopis - theses of answers are written with a simple pencil on a cover of a notebook, a notebook, on the calculator. At examination it is necessary to sit down about a window, to catch a corner under which written the most readable and all.

- disketny - theses of answers are written on a magnetic disk. At examination it is enough to remove the piece of iron closing this disk, to find the necessary answer and to rewrite accurately on the leaf.

- furniture - answers are written with a thin pencil directly on a school desk or on a back of the chair sitting ahead the companion. The main thing that will need to be made at examination is to sit down on the treasured place.

The number of places where it is possible to hide a crib, is limited only to the imagination. Pockets, cuffs, tops of boots, wide collars, thingies - frills, elastic bands of stockings will be suitable for hiding places. Especially carefully preparing girls even sew special fartuchka with pockets and the belts like the cartridge belt which are put on under skirts.

It is worth to remember that after finding of the necessary crib the others need to be hidden. Quickly. There, where they will not catch sight to the teacher.

Besides direct writing of a crib, at preparation for its use it is necessary to consider a moral factor. The person who is not possessing composure, not able to do an innocent look and impudently to lie, looking in the teacher`s eyes, will never be able to pass examination by means of a crib.]