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What do you know about a cornel?

Who does not know wild berry a cornel? It is berry very salutary, it is even called the almighty doctor.

Brightly - the red, tempting berries in a form reminding kegs.

the Cornel - a plant unpretentious, however loves an irrigation. But can grow also in a continuous shadow. Freely grows in the woods of the Crimea.

The cornel has turned sour - sweet, astringent taste. Berries of a cornel are very useful - they contain a lot of glucose, fructose, organic acids, especially apple, nicotinic, tannic, nitrogenous and dyes, essential oil, phytoncides, vitamins C and River

the Cornel is very useful at zheludochno - intestinal diseases, and availability of phytoncides does them by pernicious means for bacteria of typhus, dysentery and some other diseases.

Prepare broths, infusions of fruits, cornel kissel. It is enough to fill up 10 grams of dry berries in a glass of water, and then it to pour out contents in a coffee pot and to boil - here to you and ready diarrhea medicine.

Treats a cornel and gout, an anemia, restores a metabolism in a human body. And its leaves contain about 14 percent of tannid. Infusions from foliage and branches possess the knitting action, are used as zhelchegonny and a diuretic. One tablespoon of the crushed leaves and branches, infused on water (a tablespoon on a glass of boiled water), will relieve you of indispositions if you drink on a quarter of a glass three times a day.

Bark and roots of a cornel contain a glycoside, Konin operating as antimalarial means. If patient is in a fever, then it is possible to allow to him to drink infusion of flowers, fruits, cornel juice.

Fresh bark and broth of the crushed stones which are taken out from fruits of a cornel and slightly fried treat abscesses.

At gastric hemorrhages tea from cornel berries is useful. A dose for days: 10 grams of dried fruits on a glass of boiled water. Single dose of broths: 5 grams of berries on a glass of water. They remove tubercular intoxication, strengthen a bladder, kill waist pain.

Practically all preparations prepared from a cornel are useful at diabetes. They remove sugar overloads.

There is also one more, ecological, property of a cornel, It purifies air of harmful bacteria and insects.

Is known also that else in ancient times Krymchaks did of a cornel vitaminno - a medical unleavened wheat cake. The mass of the wiped berries was spilled in flat forms, dried on the sun and in furnaces, and then hardly skatyvat in a roll. Recovered such cake layers from a scurvy in lean years. Lavashom wrapped up deep purulent wounds. It disinfected them, and wounds quickly healed.

It is very tasty to salt cornel fruits, having seasoned them with bay leaf and to use instead of olives. Dry biscuits, very tasty and based on flour, from the wiped mass of fruits of a cornel.]