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Heartburn. How to get rid of it somewhat quicker?

Certainly, about the reasons of heartburn it is good to argue. But those who do not have it and will be able perfectly to do without this article, and to spend the time for reading of more interesting information. But when it is, in the head other thoughts climb: help to extinguish fire once and for all. As until recently I also suffered from it, yes the reader will forgive me for a liberty when I about this illness speak as about the personal enemy.

Which of us having heartburn did not eat soda with spoons, and sometimes and packs? Temporarily also cigarette ashes, oven ashes help. Principle one: clearing of acid in a stomach. Not bad results as a daily prophylactic, the use of potato juice gives. However when fight against this problem already goes empty, we address medicines. Antiacid (antatsidny) means, for example " are traditional; Rennie “. You can try the acid inhibitor which is on sale without recipe. What, ask your doctor, or at once stop on “ Tagamete อย “. They reduce amount of the acid produced by a stomach. For a while the enemy will go underground. But in the long term I pound slightly. The organism gets used to medicine, and heartburn will get the best again.

A to avoid new attacks of madam Izzhogi, listen to the recommendations given below which I in turn found at the American doctors of medicine Melvin Uerbakh and Scott Breyzer:

1) DO NOT OVEREAT. “ Plentiful meals expand a stomach that, in turn, leads to gullet stretching “ - doctor Melvin Uerbakh explains. Therefore - those contents of a stomach also get back into a gullet, causing heartburn.

2) DO NOT eat EVERYTHING. Try to avoid products and drinks which consumption leads to emergence of heartburn, doctor Uerbakh says. Fat and hot dishes, chocolate, alcohol, tea, milk, orange and tomato juice concern to them. Believe this price

3 should be paid.) TRANQUILITY. Disorders and alarms increase secretion of acid in a stomach, doctor Uerbakh explains. “ The Condition of tranquility is especially important in time and after meal “.

4) DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF IN LIQUID. Drink in plenty, especially after food. “ Water softens the inflamed gullet, - doctor Uerbakh advises - washing away back in a stomach food and " acid;.

5) DO NOT GORGE ON BEFORE GOING TO BED. Doctor Scott Breyzer advises to eat the last time in 3 hours prior to a dream. Also you do not lay down after a lunch. It is easier for acid to get into a gullet when you lie, but you do not stand or you sit. Besides, when you are awake, your organism produces more saliva which helps to wash away the acid which got nevertheless into a gullet.

6) ABOVE HEAD. If IT exasperates you even in a bed, then the head of you has to be raised. “ Let gravity will work on you “ - doctor Breyzer writes. Put an excess pillow, and it is even better, put wooden whetstones under legs in a bed headboard.

7) is CAREFUL WITH DRUGS. Some drugs can promote emergence of this knave. “ For example, nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations can corrode a stomach therefore it should be protected before their reception. If you take this medicine constantly and test heartburn, consult with your attending physician “ - the colleague doctor Pyyura advises them.

Here actually and all knowledge. These recommendations were useful to me, I hope, they will help and to you. I Wish to

the fastest victory over a terrible illness]