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And you know about a pentagram much?

the Pentagram usually look as the five-pointed star concluded in a circle. It is the correct geometrical figure possessing five-beam symmetry. It is necessary to notice that five-beam symmetry never meets only in live organisms and - in inanimate nature. That is the pentagram embodies in the form one of differences live from lifeless. Pythagoras considered her as a symbol of perfection and made a secret sign of the filosofsko - mathematical school by means of which Pythagoreans distinguished the from strangers. All corners in a pentagram are multiple 36 lakes. And still it is geometrical expression of the relation of a golden ratio.

The pentagram has also one more curious property. It is the simplest form of a star which can be represented with the stroke of the pen, having never torn off it from paper and at the same time having never passed twice across the same line. In total it can be drawn in 10 various ways. But some occultists consider that these ways are not equivalent. They divide pentagrams on creating (drawn in the direction of clockwise arrow) and destroying (counterclockwise). Besides, pentagrams are classified by elements.

A pentagram - very ancient symbol. It meets in the archaeological monuments dated 7 - m in the millennium to N e, but it is quite possible that arose much earlier.

The symbol of a pentagram was used by shumer and after them Babylonians, Egyptians, Persians, Celts, Chinese (daosa) and North American Indians. At Egyptians the pentagram was called Star Yazidi also was considered as symbolical designation of an underground bosom of Mother - Earth. Jews considered a pentagram as the Pentateuch symbol (part of the sacred writing of Judaism) received by Moisey from God. Ancient Greeks called a pentagram the Pentalpha: A threefold triangle, carried its image on the boards. The pentagram called press of the tsar Solomon ` it was known to the Arab magicians. Gnostics considered that a pentagram it is a symbol of intellectual omnipotence and the power and drawing it on the mascots. In magic and alchemy a pentagram in general the main symbol, is used in dedication ceremonies, and also for guessing and spells. It is considered that it protects the magician from the evil and will help to order to spirits. The mention of it is, for example, in To Fausta Goethe. Mephistopheles could not leave the room while at the exit the pentagram was drawn.

In Christianity the pentagram initially made positive sense and symbolized five wounds of Christ got at a crucifixion. Besides, identified `the Star of Magicians` which helped east wise men to find the baby Jesus with it. At the emperor Konstantin it was used as a religious symbol even more often than a cross. The first mention of a pentagram as a symbol of the evil belongs to notorious Tampliyersky process. It is mentioned in documents of interrogations by knights as the symbol hanging on a neck of an idol by the name of Bafomet.

Only in the 19th century somebody Elifas Levi divided two values of a pentagram - kind and angry. The first symbolized a microcosm of the person, and tops corresponded to the earth, water, air, fire and soul. The second (two tops up, as if horns of a devil) - Bafomet`s symbol, whether the demon, whether the Satan.

Subsequently in the history the direct pentagram was used as one of communism symbols (yes, a red star), turned in 1966 La - Veyem, the cult personality in a Satanism an official symbol of Church of the Satan was declared by Anton Shandor.]