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What the alphabet speaks about?

The world around us is much more diverse, than it seems and is even more more diverse, than we can imagine. Miracles and secrets are literally scattered around us. Here, for example, all famous alphabet. It would seem, we know it thoroughly since the early childhood. However, it appears, in it the real secret is hidden.

Why only in Russian there is a concept “ truism “? Because in our Alphabet, and only in it, there is a contents. For a start we will remember the phrase “ Each hunter wishes to know where the pheasant " sits;. It is known to everyone since the childhood and serves for storing of sequence of flowers of a rainbow. It is a so-called akrofonichesky way of storing: each word of the phrase begins with the same letter, as the name of color: everyone = red, hunter = orange etc. The acrophony provides convenience of storing of the alphabet and by that its fastest distribution.

It is necessary to remember that in the praslavyansky alphabet of 29 letters. Everyone has the name. Az, Beeches, the Veda, Glagol, Kindly, Este, you Live, Very Much, Earth, And, Izhe Kako, People, Myslete, Nash, On, Rooms, Rtsa, the Word, Firmly, Uk, Fjret, Her, Tsy, the Worm, Shta, R, Yus, Yati. And on closer examination they develop in the intelligent phrase. There can be a Message to descendants?

And now we will read the Message which is contained in the praslavyansky Alphabet. Let`s consider the three first letters of the alphabet - Az, Beeches, Conduct. Az - “ I “. Beeches (buk) - “ letters, letters “. Conduct

(Veda) - “ learned “ perfect past tense from “ conduct “ - the nobility to know. Uniting akrofonichesky names of the first three letters of the Alphabet, we receive the following phrase: Az beeches to the Veda - I know letters.

Unite in phrases and all subsequent letters of the Alphabet: A verb - “ word “ and not only uttered, but also written. Kindly - “ property, the acquired wealth “. Is (esta) - 3 - e l., the singular from the verb “ to be “. Verb kindly to an esta: the word is a property.

Live (instead of the second “ and “ earlier the letter " was written; yat “ it was said you live) = an imperative mood, plural from “ to live “ - “ to live in work, but not to vegetate “. Very much (transferred a combination dz = ringing to c) - “ diligent, with eagerness “ compare English Zeal (persistent, jealous), jealous (jealous), and also the bible name Zealot - “ adherent “. The earth - “ mother Earth and its inhabitants, people of Earth “. And - the " union; and “. Izhe - “ those, which, they “ (transmitted a pridykhatelny sound like ozvonchenny English h, the Greek h or the Ukrainian). Kako - “ as “ “ it is similar “. People - “ beings reasonable “. Live very much, the earth, and a Kako izha people - live, working diligent, people of Earth, and as it befits people.

You think (it was written with the letter “ yat “ it was said you think, as well as “ you live “) - an imperative mood, the plural from “ to think, comprehend reason “. Nash - “ ours “ in usual value. On - “ it “ in " value; only, uniform “. Rooms (rest) - “ basis (universe) “. Compare “ to be based “ - “ to be based on … “. You think nash on of rest - comprehend our universe.

Rtsa (rtsa) - an imperative mood: “ speak, utter, read aloud “. Compare “ speech “. The word - “ the imparting knowledge “. Firmly - “ surely, with conviction “. Rtsa the word is firm - bear knowledge with conviction.

Uk - a knowledge basis, the doctrine. Compare science, to learn, skill, custom. Fert, f (Kommersant) ret - “ impregnates “. Her - “ divine, given from above “. Compare it. Herr (mister, God), Greek “ iyero - “ (divine), English. hero (hero), and also name of the Russian god - Hors. Uk fjret Her: the knowledge is impregnated by God, knowledge - Charisma.

Tsy (tsi, tst) - “ sharpen, get, penetrate, dare “. Compare similarly multiple-valued it is mute. Ziehe with primary " value; get “. A worm (worm) - “ the one who sharpens gets “. Sh (t) and (Sh, Y) - “ that in " value; that “. Compare ukr. “ shcho “ bolg. “ shche “. Kommersant (er / επό, jr) - is represented by options of one letter meaning uncertain short public, close to e. " option; “ arose later from i, - quite so it was in writing displayed up to the 20th century the letter “ yat “. Rolling sound “ r “ it is said with an obligatory initial additional sound (initial “ Kommersant “) and echo (final “ Kommersant “) . Word “ jr “ apparently, meant real, eternal, intimate, the space time inaccessible to human reason, a torch, the Sun. Most likely, “ Jr “ - one of the most ancient words of a modern civilization, compare Egyptian R - the Sun, God. The word “ time “ contains the same root. Many primordially Russian words contain this root, for example: morning - “ from the Sun, here the Sun, emergence of the Sun “ (a root ut-: compare English out, yond - from there, there); evening (vek - r) - “ a century of R, the expiring Sun time “; early, wounds (morning) - literally: “ time of arrival of the Sun “; a time - “ by the sun, after some certain provision of the Sun “. Word “ paradise “ (paradise) means: “ set of the Sun “ = “ dwelling of gods (god R) “ etc. In the Alphabet, most likely, the word “ Jr (a) “ costs in a genitive case with " value; Real “. Yus - “ light, Old Russian yas “. In modern Russian the root “ yas “ remained, for example, in the word “ clear “. Yat (yat) - “ to comprehend, have “. Compare to withdraw, take etc. Tsy, a worm, Jr`s shta yus yat! - “ Dare, sharpen, a worm that Real to comprehend light! “.

Set of the phrases given above also makes the alphabetical Message:

Ya I know letters. The letter is a property. You work diligent, people of Earth as it befits reasonable people. Comprehend the universe! Bear the word with conviction. Knowledge - Charisma! Dare, penetrate that Real to comprehend light!