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How to make the real Uzbek pilaf?

the Real Uzbek pilaf are a unique dish which at first to be fried, then to cook, and at the end to take a steam bath.

I offer for you the following recipes of this most tasty dish.

Pilaf on - Uzbek (1 option): we take

For preparation of pilaf on 3 - 4 persons: meat (mutton or beef) 300 gr., rice 500 gr., carrots 500 gr., one big bulb, fat tail fat 50 - 100 gr. (at will), oil (cotton, olive, sunflower or sesame) - 100 - 150 gr., spices (zr, barberry).

Pilaf is cooked in special ware - a cauldron or in a pig-iron copper.

On a bottom of ware we pour oil and we warm it on fire before emergence of a smoke. In the warmed oil at first we lower the onions cut by rings and we fry thoroughly it to light-brown color. Further we put the small cut meat pieces, and the carrots cut by straws. Products should not stick to a bottom and furthermore to burn.

When meat will become covered by a ruddy crust, we fill in products with water, we put spices. We boil on slow fire of 30 - 40 minutes.

In separate ware we presoak the washed-out rice for 10 minutes. Then otmochenny rice is spread in a cauldron. Rice is carefully leveled, but we do not mix with other components at all. Rice has to be from above and to be covered with water approximately on 1 cm

we Cook pilaf, without covering on fast fire. When rice absorbs all water and will become friable, we overturn 2 - 3 cm of the top layer of rice (that as a result rice cooked evenly), we close ware a cover and we hold on weak fire of 25 - 30 more min.

Before giving on a table a dish it is well mixed. We serve pilaf, in a big saucer.

Pilaf on - Uzbek (the 2nd option) to

For preparation of pilaf, for 5 - 6 portions we take: rice of 1 kg, meat (mutton or beef) 600 gr. vegetable oil 250 gr., onions 2 - 3 heads, carrots of 1 kg., spices on 1 teaspoon, salt to taste.

In a cauldron we pour vegetable oil and we warm it on fire before emergence of a smoke. In the warmed oil we put small cut pieces of mutton and we fry them before formation of a golden crust.

We add the onions cut by thin rings and we continue to fry till golden color, then we add the carrots chopped by straws and we fry 15 - 20 more min. We fill in all this with boiled water (on 1 kg of dry rice of about 2 l of water) and minutes 20 - 25 we boil on small fire.

Rice is touched, we wash out and we presoak for 15 minutes in the added some salt warm water, at the rate of 10 gr. salts on 1 liter of water.

We fill up the rice which bulked up in water and spice. When rice absorbs water (in 30 - 40 min.), we close a cauldron a cover and we cook longer pilaf on weak fire about 20 - 25 more min.

Ready pilaf it is spread by a hill on a round dish.

To pilaf it is possible to give separately the onions cut by thin rings, and filled with vinegar, salt and black ground pepper, sliced or straws a radish, fresh tomatoes, grenade salad.

Pilaf with raisin (on - Bukhara):

For 5 - 6 portions of pilaf: rice of 1 kg, meat fat (mutton or beef) 400 gr. raisin 100 gr., vegetable oil 250 gr., onions 2 - 3 heads, carrots 800 gr., salt to taste.

We warm in a cauldron oil to a smoke, we put the carrots cut by straws and the onions cut by rings, we fry 10 - 15 min. Then we add the meat cut on pieces and we continue to fry 10 more minutes, then we pour 1 liter of water, we boil on slow fire of 20 minutes, we add well washed out raisin, we allow to prokipet 5 - 7 min.

Rice it is touched, we presoak for 20 minutes in water. We put rice and we pour water so much that it on centimeter covered rice. After rice absorbs all water, we close, a cauldron a cover and we cook pilaf on weak fire of 20 - 25 more min. Ready pilaf is mixed, and we spread on a dish a hill.

We serve pilaf with garden radish salad, with grenades.]