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Why there are brothers rabbits, but there are no brothers of hares?

Not each respectable citizen finds time to think of a question - than. actually, the hare differs from a rabbit? And whether differs?

And there can be this in general same animal...

Only as brana, for example, or geese - happen white, happen gray, and even black...

The science testifies to hares - the Hare is an animal practically not attached to the territory in any way, does not build holes, lives in thighs. That is, the hare leads a typical nomadic life. Flies over herbs of the steppe and disappears it is unknown where.

The science about rabbits established long ago that the rabbit, on the contrary, very much territorialen, long time uses one and a touch a hole, year from a year improving it, completing the additional courses and rooms. In view of norny life ears and back extremities at a rabbit are much shorter, than at a hare. The rabbit more slowly than a hare runs, and the vyortok and pryguch cannot compete with it in run length, but so.

From common features it is necessary to allocate the fact that the rabbit according to the passport belongs to group of zaytseobrazny.

External lines the rabbit is undoubtedly similar to a hare, - classical hare ears, a preslovauty scanty tail, forward and hind legs, different in length, and so on.

But differences penetrate deep structures and behavior and biological features.

As a result - is irreversible distinctions and in appearance are shown. Hares gray, earthy and changing a color for snowy white concede in the winter in a variety of a coloring and coloring to rabbits. which can be both pale-yellow, and red, and purely gray, and on - mouse ashy, spotty at all...

Also the fact that the hare differs from a rabbit in way of reproduction is important.

Leverets are born sighted people and completely created, practically at once can consume food of adult animals. Doe hares do not look after kids, only feed them; at what hares not necessarily feed the cubs, and just any got. If mummy fed with

foreign kid, it is necessary to hope that other doe hare will feed her leveret.

At rabbits with this part of the biography everything is differently. Krolchata are born absolutely naked, helpless blindly. The doe-rabbit feeds and looks after only the kids, even in bondage usually it is not possible to enclose to a doe-rabbit of other cubs. Having felt others smell, the doe-rabbit usually eats own posterity. This horrible stroke of biological protection of a look was never noted among hares. And in general among zaytseobrazny. Such here distinctive feature of a sibling species.

All attempts to cultivate a hare for all history of economic human life did not lead to anything. Elks and ostriches can live on a farm and take food from hands of the person. A hare - for as never. It is very wild. Not to hold it in hands.

Still the rabbit differs from a hare in what is easily and willingly tamed.

Rabbits well breed in bondage, quickly get used to people.

Besides, even in bondage it is always more prolific, than a hare.

Brothers rabbits will always survive where hares do not have life.

In spite of the fact that the hare and a rabbit - different animals, often happens even specialists in inertia call rabbits hares, bringing confusion in concepts. Very few people, however, notice it and thinks of subtleties of differences.

But we precisely know now that the hare and a rabbit are the not so same.

And them we will distinguish and to respect these vital differences.]