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Business - pyramids chose the Internet - MLM in our century of

to achieve success in MLM, it is necessary to make serious efforts: to work hard, communicate with people, to participate in seminars Network marketing (MLM) began to work with

actively in a network too. Was few years ago very few companies and people who used the Internet in the business, but now everything changed. Every day more and more people begin to be engaged in MLM, and it no wonder, network marketing is real chance for the average person to reach financial independence without investment of the big capital.

But not all people who join ranks of network sales managers, realize what important role is played by reasonable use the Internet - technologies in creation and development of the business. The majority does not possess oratorical data and qualities of skilled sponsors. Well and let, but they have an excellent chance by means of the Internet to expand the business.

According to the independent expert in the field of MLM Pavel Kartashev, “ MLM in essence is information business. The main objective of any manager of the network company - to distribute information on production and business - opportunities of the company. The Internet is an information space with a tool kit for transfer and processing of information streams. It turns out that MLM and the Internet are literally created for each other. And not casually now we can observe origin of new intersetevy model of business - synthesis MLM and the Internet - commerce. In my opinion, it is the youngest and most perspective industry today which arose " only 8 years ago;.

A way to MLM

When the person only begins to get acquainted with network marketing, solves for himself as far as it will be (and whether will be) is involved in business. The minimum part can be taken, having bought and having tried a product. If it is pleasant if is available at the price and quality, then it is possible also most to begin to extend it. Gaining small income at sales and discounts for purchase of a product, it is possible and to remain on this step of participation. But in case of desire to be engaged seriously in MLM it is necessary to sponsor the others and to train them in successful creation of own distributor network. At due approach and good luck the income will become quite big. As the expert in the field of Internet business Dmitry Smakotin, " considers; distributors are divided into businessmen, sellers and “party-goers“. Businessmen seriously approach business, with understanding that the success entirely is in their hands. They understand that business of network marketing keeps on three foundations: sales, recruiting and training of the partners in the first two skills. Businessmen harmoniously develop all three directions. Sellers are a big category of the distributors fascinated by a product of the company. They with pleasure sell products to the clients, ensuring the small additional income. “ Party-goers “ - also very numerous category of distributors who just like the atmosphere reigning at meetings of network sales managers. They find for themselves pleasure of communication, a possibility of free training, visit of offside events. Such people, as a rule, practically do not attract people and sell " very little;.

For successful maintaining MLM - business it is the best of all to use 3 main tools: the website, mailing, the Internet - peyzhder.

The website for MLM

If is desire to achieve success in MLM, then it is necessary to create the website. It is something like office through which the seller interacts with clients, partners. During a dointernetovsky era work with managers was quite expensive, updating of a marketing set and training was expensive. Also a lot of time for creation, the press and distribution of a marketing set was spent. Now everything considerably became simpler. All necessary materials are located on the website via which managers and clients obtain all necessary information. If modernization of materials is required, then it is possible to update data quickly and with the minimum expenses.

It is possible to create the website most or to use services of developers. In case of the second option it is necessary to check the developer`s portfolio, to learn how many the websites made whether they are successful.

The vendor has to manage the website. T. e it is necessary to create, add independently sections, news, to place new pictures, videos, to establish tags for advance in searchers.

One of work advantages on a financial pyramid is that the person is not obliged to work the whole day at office

Advance the website in search engines is also necessary. Searchers give a large number of visitors who find a resource on certain keywords. It is possible to be engaged in advance independently or to employ experts - the optimizer which services will involve certain costs.

Mailing and the Internet - pagers

by means of mailing the seller delivers to subscribers certain information for which subject they subscribed. For example, if mailing with the subject " is created; Network marketing “ the interested people subscribe for it. It is also potential clients. If mailing is interesting, informative and the vendor will prove as the expert in MLM, then people can become interested in its offers. It is possible to use free services of mailings, but they do not provide the address of subscribers. Therefore the avtoresponder who stores in memory of the address of subscribers and is capable to send releases of mailing in time set by you is the best of all to use.

The Internet - the pager allows to communicate with people in real time and to exchange files. The following the Internet - pagers is most popular: ICQ, Mirc, MSN and so forth. These programs belief and the truth serve for expansion and strengthening of business. The network companies with ich the help communicate with clients, partners, exchange important data, hold corporate conferences for the managers. Each network sales manager should adopt these programs effectively to be engaged in MLM.

Pluses and minuses of MLM

contrary to other types of work where there is a chief who decides how many to pay the worker and whether to pay in general, during the work in MLM the person himself creates to himself a payment level. Actually, only how the person will work, and his earnings will depend. Here too the form of participation in business takes place. If the vendor is engaged only in sales to friends and relatives, its earnings will be small. But if he wants to earn much, then MLM to him in the help. But at once a lot of money will not be, everything should be reached gradually. Only having built the successful MLM - structure it will be possible to enjoy all delights of big earnings.

As considers g - N Kartashev, “ it is possible to earn in MLM quite a lot. Leaders of an average key element in many network companies earn from 2 to 10 thousand dollars a month. Leaders of the top link earn from 10 to 50 thousand dollars a month. And the income of leaders can be estimated in hundreds of thousands of dollars of the stable monthly income. And it not somewhere in the USA or Japan, and at us in Russia. I precisely know that we in Russia have leaders of MLM which monthly earn more than 100 thousand dollars a month. I personally saw foreign distributors with the monthly income more than 500 thousand dollars. Also heard that the most earning leaders of MLM have the monthly income about 1 million dollars. Of course, someone can tell that all this nonsense, Abramovich earns more. Yes, it so, but I am not sure that Abramovich`s life from it became easier and happier “.

The most important to start business in MLM is the choice of the network company. This factor influences business. Having come across on the Internet the first MLM-office, it is not necessary at once to begin to run with it business. First of all it is necessary to study its products. If they poor quality, then what sense to extend them. Network marketing is based on relationship. Corresponding with the person, it is hardly possible to reach contact with the help of lie, claiming that products excellent. Lies will bring nothing good and in case the seller reports that a product bad, sales to it not to see. That is why the vendor has to estimate a product and in case of approval to be engaged in its distribution with a clear conscience. If he knows that goods excellent, then and it will be pleasant to sell it. It is also necessary to decide on the price. If too expensive, - the distributor it is worth saying goodbye to the company. Products have to be such that the seller himself without hesitation agreed to pay for them the determined sum.

Seemingly network marketing is a quite good opportunity to independently earn money, but all - at many people develops negative attitude to MLM. The main reason is that a large number of the sellers beginning to work in MLM did not achieve positive result. From here charges to the company - the distributor or the sponsor. Many, having communicated to the former network sales managers, " too; catch “ this negative attitude. Usually their failures in MLM are explained by their fear of risk, criticism, financial losses. One more reason is an aspiration to achieve everything and at once. To achieve good results, they begin to be engaged in aggressive marketing which frightens off people and leads to failures, to emergence of negative attitude.]