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Life is an eternal search?

All life? No, cannot be . So I thought, looking as my father costs in a hall, already in a festive cap, in a gabardine coat, and grumbles: All life searching! - and we rush about on the apartment in search of the theater tickets touched somewhere, or gifts and the address of acquaintances to whom it is necessary to go now.

To call search all life! No, it was not for weak consciousness of the growing being. Searches did not give pleasure, life in the present seemed only the small platform through which it was possible, having kicked a door, to enter the light, rushing forward life car with the interesting people sitting in convenient compartments. There and it is necessary to look for nothing - all under a hand and all for ages.

When I grew up and entered this car, understood that my father was right. It was unpleasant opening. Search of answers to the arising questions became daily reality. With it it was necessary to do something. Fortunately, making the way on life - the car in other its end, being pushed and looking in a compartment, I in search of the answer where and why all of us go, met couple of irreplaceable fellow travelers of life - a cabbala and the Network.

They knew everything. The hope that my search from throwings will become the ordered activity, floated directly in hands. Also it became interesting to find out from my reliable fellow travelers as these two concepts are combined: life and search. I did not ask ready answers to all even from a cabbala, but it gave a technique of search of answers.

The network began to remind the real life more and more. Life from the car turned into space in which it was possible to move and work, - the Network became life space too.

The interesting method is at bionics: to look for some working idea in the nature, to dress it in iron, and it will work in our, torn-off by nature life.

The network was generation of this method. Intuitive search bionicists wishing to dress the growing need of people for communication in iron, gave rise to the Network. And the Network found life, and life of many began to plunge into the Network more and more. So that life out of the Network became the artful, smothering, mean network in which if to leave for a minute the Network in search of what to eat, it was possible to get confused and die really.

This life, the Network, life in it - everything is penetrated by search. Real people, real destinies, all this market - the station you feel as life, only if you own search in the Network. Searchers - feelers of your desires as branches in sensitive hands of water seekers.

Desire - all this, the cabbala told. It is also the only creation. And in this opening life of the Network and a method of a cabbala met for me again. Both in that, and in another the richness of what we feel as life depends on possession of a search method. Both in that, and in another the perfection in a search method giving completeness and richness of life depended on desire.

Life appeared as a certain space into which dip the been born desire. The only thing that exists for it, is a filling, satisfaction. Therefore the only thing, than is engaged desire in life space, is a search. Eternal search.

We wander about space of life the same as about Network space: we find something or someone, we receive - we give, krakay where it is possible, we look for a freebie. We really feel this space and really we react to it. But the same as in the Network, we in our three-measure feel reality of another only because we have a desire which involved search engine and found it. Clicked on a link - and it entered our reality.

Desires grow and become more and more diverse. Systems and methods of our searchers are multiplied and improved. We both in life, and in the Network have enough everything for filling of our desires. Only sometimes there is a feeling that we drop out of that network in which we were kept by life. And then we appear in the car again, is full of people, and all of us go somewhere. It somewhere spiders of our internal searcher do not probe, and we feel that life leaves.

Then we approach the computer, we crack in a window of the searcher meaning of life also we press Enter.]