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Whether you know that?. Electronic music is 140 years old of

throughout mnogoy centuries mankind concerned a sound in its primitive nature and sound extraction methods. Sound extraction always pursued two aims: way of proyavleniyasobstvenny attitude and experiment. Electronic music to obyazanasvoy birth to both of these components. Experiments with a sound, and are more right with sound vibrations, were in essence closer to science, than to music. But this experimentally - scientific work was the beginning.

If to look at development of technological progress, then you understand that for some 40 years mother Earth as if began to rotate in several tens quicker. Technical revolutions and the general achievements in technologies never before developed such prompt rates what they became in our century. All 140 years the world of edektronny music constantly are in the movement.

The primogenitor of today`s electric rhythms it is possible to call the German physicist, the mathematician of Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (1821 - 1894). In 1860 it published work “Sensations of tone: Psychological Basic for Theory of Music“ - practical conclusions and the analysis of own researches in the field of electromagnetic vibrations threw and flew down. The device designed by it received the name “Helmholtz Resonator“. After it still the set of interesting musical devices was created.

at the end of 60 - x electromusical developments from the world of the academic and experimental music from vanguard halls and scientifically - research laboratories of a sound began to filter in the small portions on a scene of mass musical culture.

the First who for the first time used nontrivial composite and technological approaches of electro-acoustic experiments in the creativity were numerous representatives of the psychodelic directions and dazhebeatles (White Album), Elton John (Elton John 1970). It is difficult to tell why “not musical musicality“ found application in times of “children of flowers“, but not during an era of jazz dawn 50 - x... We can only guess it.

Over time, electronic music gradually took root into the existing habitual musical forms. Branches and the forming derivatives from electronics began to be embodied in rhythms and harmonies, more available to perception: electro - the priest projects (Kraftwerk, Telex, Rockets...) . At all seeming dawn of electronic music, appear, that the first sprouts have to develop and grow inevitably in a mighty tree. But the miracle did not occur. In the middle of 70 - ykh the musical scene sharply deviates towards easy beautiful “disco“ that affected also many serious genres. Even popular and super known structures as Queen, Ten CC, UFO, Manfred Man’s Earth Band, having overcome this boundary, went, “it is a little in other party“.

Over time also the art role in our life changed. And maybe, art changed? Rock - musicians are not as certain preachers any more, and electronics engineers stopped being envoys from space?

The equipment brought “contribution“ in this “cultural revolution“ too. The separate position is taken by computers. Thousands of musicians can reproduce “company“ sounding of any of the famous organists or drummers today - it is worth gathering the necessary code only. Pop - music is turned upside down. It is quite probable that on the disk which was pleasant to you not the piano sounds at all, and enthusiastic exclamations should be addressed not to the drummer, but the programmer. He most likely made and admired you guitar solo.

There is a sincere wish to believe that the person everything is will remain the dreamer and the visionary surpassing all imaginable representations and all classified limits in music, existing out of time, out of space, as the creator who is lit up by future music.]