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As it is correct to drink, or Let`s fill glasses, sodviny their time competently

Are frequent in cafe or restaurant are lost at the sight of some exotic drink. And there is no strong wish to feel dickey, having begun to drink it not so.

From there is a question - and whether we are able to take correctly alcoholic beverages? Not in that sense when next morning the head breaks up, and colleagues after a corporate party meet your emergence by an applause. It will be a question of culture of the use of drinks. So …

If mentioned beer, and we will begin with it. Beer is drunk everywhere, despite recently adopted laws and other now. It is correct to drink beer not from a bottle or banks because not all its grades are adapted for long storage in a container, especially not filtered. It is better to pour in a glass or in a mug. Better tastes remain in the cooled beer, and it is better to cool it not in the freezer, and on ice. It is drunk not in a volley, and small drinks. And, by the way, do not clink glasses with glasses with beer!

As they say: Beer without &ndash vodka; money for the » wind;. Therefore about vodka. It is also drunk cooled. Without snack it is not recommended to drink vodka. And not only because at the end of a feast such reckless driver it is necessary to pull out from - under a table. Without snack vodka completely does not open the tastes. And to wash down - these are already bad manners. Drink from a small shot glass in a volley, the shot glass at the same time is filled on 3/4.

Champagne, as we know, is drunk in the mornings by aristocrats and know who. And here as aperitif before a dinner very much it is even quite good. Before giving it is a little cooled, at the same time with ice surely add water to a bucket to avoid overcooling. And here open champagne quietly, without shots on defeat. Then there is safe the most valuable in this &ndash drink; bubbles. Pour on a wall of a glass which most often oblong shape. The glass is filled approximately half.

Wine is poured in glasses on 1/3, at the same time the glass has to be narrowed above, on a long leg. Wine detain in a mouth to try out all tastes of drink. At first white wines, and then already red are served. White wines give to fruit, fish, seafood, a bird, and red - to meat dishes. White wines are cooled before giving. Wine is poured in a glass only when it completely becomes empty.

Drink on the fan - whisky. It is drunk from special low and wide glasses. Whisky with ice moves, then it is diluted - soda or water. In a volley, as vodka, it is not drunk - only small drinks, detaining drink in a mouth.

Cognac moves after food. It is also not drunk at one stroke. Cognac is stretched, without haste. Glasses for cognac big-bellied, narrow above. There pour cognac, only covering a glass bottom. Moves warm, above room temperature, the shot glass can even be warmed in palms. It is considered that the lemon takes away the taste at good cognac.

Liqueurs also give after the main meal, and also as aperitif. Drink it in a volley, and give in small liqueur glasses.

Such drink as gin, is generally intended for mixing in cocktails. Gin in combination with tonic is most known. That to prepare it, it is necessary to add tonic to the glass filled on 1/3 mix of gin with ice. Glasses for gin straight lines, with a thick bottom.

More exotic &ndash drinks; tequila, sake, rum, absinthe liqueur.

&ndash tequila; so-called Mexican » vodka;. Only it is not cooled as strongly as vodka, and most often drink with salt and a lemon or a lime.

Now about to the Japanese » vodka; - sake. It is spilled from a small jug in small cups. To warm up or cool - matter of taste. Serve sake both to meat, and to fish dishes, to fruit and snack.

Rum most often mixes up in cocktails with various juice, syrups, liqueurs, a lemon.

&ndash absinthe liqueur; quite bitter drink. He moves in narrow glasses, the piece of sugar is put on a spoon and through it add water to absinthe liqueur. Drink in a volley. In many places set fire to drink and at once extinguish.

Drinking pleasant to you and good luck!