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From where number 666 went? History of an origin

Ineradicable interest to novel and hidden, probably, is one of the main reasons of survivability of mankind. One of such interests are numbers. Attribute them magic properties, them are frightened.

For example, are considered terrible numbers 13 and 666.

Here about number 666 I also want to write, more precisely, about one of versions of its unusual origin. For this purpose research of unusual Scythian ornament which actually is a calendar was the cause. Ancient magicians and devoted were able to hide knowledge!

Gold imperial pektoral Great Scythia (the 4th century BC) .

Studying of a pektorala suggested an idea that it is ciphered in the form of images - animals a calendar.

This calendar consists of 16 months for 23 days everyone. Let`s increase these numbers (1623), 368 days turn out.

is known to All, in a year there are 4 periods connected with the Sun arrangement in a sky. These spring and autumn equinoxes (on March 21 and on September 23), and also days of a summer and winter solstice (on June 21 and on December 22). It turns out that of March 21 - day of the vernal equinox and till June 22 - the period of a summer solstice there pass exactly 92 days. If not to be engaged in excessive specifications with fractions and the 100-th, then it turns out that year and consisted of 4 such intervals of time.

Therefore Scythian wise men also came to length of year in 368 days. It not absolutely precisely, was also necessary to invent cunning system of annual correction of the account of time when excess days they just did not consider (368 - 3=365). In a leap-year (time in four years) from 368 2 days took away and received 366!

And how many days in a month? At Slavs year was divided into 3 seasons for 4 months. More traditional year from 4 seasons for 3 months. 12 months turned out all the same. But as they did not divide 92 on 3, in the rest 30 days and number 666 turned out! Farther were not able to consider whether, whether did not want. By means of the calculator it is easy to make it.

92:3=30. 666. 666. 666. 666. 666. 666. 666. 666. 666. 666! Thirty shesterok! Other calculators can give other values, i.e. quantity the shesterok can be a miscellaneous. But, anyway, 30 at least turn out. 6. It to all other and diameter of a gold Scythian pektorala (in drawing) - 30. 6 cm!

Perhaps, ancient wise men considered number 666 so unusual that memory of it remained in centuries? Over time number 666 gained also mystical value, it was even called number devil having forgotten the prime cause of its identification. Without philosophizing crafty, and far away from 666, mathematicians - wise men made year not from 12, and from 16 months since 92 it is good and without the rest shares on 4 (92:4=23). Therefore in Scythian month 23 days, and the original system of correction of the account of time what it is told above about, did year to equal 365 (366) days. Everything is simple!]