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What is the hidden marketing and how to earn with its help?

We got used to advertizing in mass media and on the Internet for a long time. The persuasive, constantly repeating advertizing does not cause in us anything   for a long time; except negative emotions. This circumstance, and also the growing popularity of some the Internet - services, forces marketing specialists to look for new types of advertizing. Marketing specialists of many companies begin to create blogs, forums at which active advertizing of production, but advertizing not direct, but hidden and at first sight imperceptible is conducted.

There is an opinion that network diaries (blogs) gradually force out such mass media as printing editions, radio, television. Today people trust more that information which they can receive from blogs, than to traditional mass media.

In this regard, in a RuNet special service under the name « appeared; Hidden marketing by means of which bloggers can earn additionally, and advertisers to carry out an effective advertizing campaign.

Hidden marketing - it is the tool for not advertizing advance. At the heart of the communications built by means of technology of network marketing indirect influence lies. When your acquaintances share with you thoughts of the last film or tell about functions of the mobile phone which is planned to be bought - it is not advertizing. It is an exchange of opinions.

The so-called hidden marketing possesses a number of distinctive qualities and advantages before traditional advertizing:

1. Efficiency - the target audience perceives the message as reliable, and not advertizing.

2. Dot influence - experts of the hidden marketing directly interact with target audience.

3. Efficiency - within several hours it is possible to organize campaign for advance which will overflow all RuNet. (Remember about flashmob methods).

4. The estimated results - results of the campaigns hidden marketing give in to a quantitative assessment and to high-quality calculation.

5. The actual prices - the resources which are engaged in the hidden marketing claim that quotations on their services are lower, than cost of a straight line or contextual advertizing.

6. Virus marketing - the hidden marketing - it is an effective way of distribution of necessary information, the innovative tool for start of a wave of distribution of rumors (buzz marketing, gossip hotline).

7. - during campaign of the hidden marketing information is transmitted to technology of direct marketing from the customer, through the project manager, to performers, and from performers already specifically to to clients.

Hidden marketing - it is the tool of the solution of the tasks facing agencies and marketing services: conclusion of new service / product to the market; change of the developed image; answer to negative publications; increase of recognition of a trademark.

By means of technologies of the hidden marketing it is possible:

to create interest of users in features of a product, its advantages;

to adjust process of communication between the people who already used a product or service, and potential audience;

to create the necessary emotional relation to a product or service.

It is also worth noticing that at the moment the hidden marketing is engaged only in network projects (technology of advance of goods and services on the Internet);

is not engaged in direct advertizing in forums, blogs, in communities etc.;

is not engaged in simple distribution of references to resources (it are engaged so-called optimizers ) ;

the serious companies which are engaged in the hidden marketing, as a rule, do not use spam - methods for advance of the goods and services.

On the thematic websites devoted to this look not advertizing it is claimed that today each Internet user can earn in a network by means of technologies of the hidden marketing.

  project; Hidden marketing for example, offers work in network advertizing projects. You can earn, just telling others that you think about this or that question, that it is really interesting to you. It is possible to work at home, in any place where there is an Internet access.

To learn as far as all these assurances are real, I advise in more detail about everything, as for the hidden marketing, to learn directly on the website Hidden marketing . Anyway, and final decision - to accept or not to accept the offer of the « service; Hidden marketing remains for you.