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We study English or How fear influences abilities?

Fear and uncertainty in itself - two main obstacles which each of us seeks to overcome, being on the way of improvement of, the knowledge and professional skills.

Whether I will be able to be trained in something new and necessary? Whether enough I am talented and grounded to learn a foreign language, successfully to complete courses on professional development, to seize a new position? These questions face us when we suffer the choice: to go to study as the second the highest, in business - school or to remain in former quality of the average worker.

It seems that stability is a reliable state for which maintenance it is not necessary to use any efforts. However it is the seeming reliability. The Universe does not know static character, in it all - the movement and if not up, then - down. Grow over itself, over own fears and uncertainty - here a priority of everyone who wants to achieve success. To break down a habitual way of life and a stereotype of perception of as bad pupil (a stereotype, perhaps, imposed by low-quality system of training) never late!

You never reflected why to people happens so hard to learn language? Why one are more successful, than others? You can answer: Yes I just have no ability to languages, and at others is or I was always a mathematician and I was never given English, even at school and still I booze everyones powerful the reasons

But what is language? Language - no more than words which have a mission - to inform other person of idea or thought so that he understood it. But if you can express the thoughts in Russian, then at you is not present inability to languages. Just you did something not that with the English words.

You will tell: Well, of course, compared! We all life talk in Russian therefore we and have no problems with this language. And English it the stranger and there it is necessary to break language and the head, a " offer system;.

Languages differ from each other only in sounding of words. And how these words are connected among themselves. We also call it grammar. What to us prevents to reach free knowledge of English and to speak on it as in Russian? Lack of assiduity and laziness? Lack of time? Finance? Motivations? Fear what so never also you will be able to learn language?

Actually, all is very simple. And it has no relation to what you tell. What generates fear and uncertainty - grammatical terms of RUSSIAN. You were so tortured nouns verbs cases and other terminology of grammar that you decided that language not for you.

And so what it is necessary to begin with is a clearing (clarification of values to full understanding) words in Russian. For example: what is the noun? What does it differ from a subject in? The main difference consists only that it is about the word per se (noun) or volume, what role plays in the offer (subject).

Unfortunately, usually teachers pay huge attention to grammatical terms. And here the rule appears: in the English offer the subject (!) always has to be on the first place, then the predicate (!) expressed by a verb (!) in an infinitive (!) follows if we speak about usual action in the present tense and if the subject (!) is expressed by a personal (!) pronoun (!) in the 3rd person (!), singular (!), then to a predicate (!) we add the termination (e) s !

May you claim that you with ease understood what there is a speech here about? You have already a clear view how you use this rule in the life? Whether often you remember similar rules before to talk to the neighbor, the acquaintance, the colleague? Language is created to transfer ideas quickly enough and clear, and and corrected studying of grammatical terms in itself not really - that helps us quicker and more it is clear to express the thoughts!

Actually, an essence that 1) you are capable to learn language 2) you need just to understand those words which say to you including in Russian.

It is remarkable that modern education market offers a wide range of various techniques and absolutely new approaches to training. You are not self-assured and constraining? Perhaps, you consider that training - the boring process by and large not necessary to the adult? You are interested in new, effective techniques of training? You can find such place where you will not be loaded grammatical terms, forcing to learn you language? Language - it is simple if you understand for what it is created what consists of and that to you prevents to learn it!

You come to us, we will tell you about technology of training. You will participate in an English lesson fragment where this technology, these techniques is used. You will see how it is possible to learn language, not being loaded grammatical terminology.

Glance to the world of new opportunities - they can become yours.

The office of Applied Formation of the CIS locates at the address: Moscow, Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya St., 11.

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