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What you know about valenoks, or History of unique Russian footwear.

Probably, almost each of us remembers how once, in the childhood, it carried in the winter valenoks in which it was so warm and cozy. Valenoks, also as a cap with ear-flaps and a nested doll are one of symbols of Russia, proving talent of the Russian people and rich original culture of our country. What do we know about our, primordially Russian footwear, valenoks?

According to archaeological data, the first products from wool were found in Altai, their age contains about 2500. From valyany wool carpets are considered as the most ancient products. And the steppe nomadic people had a fulling as a way of processing of wool in wide use. Inhabitants of Asia made of the felted wool of a pillow, an insole, heaters under outerwear and even fitted it walls of the houses.

However the first mention about felt " boots; we find in the most ancient work of the Russian literature Tale of Igor`s Campaign . Valenoks - primordially Russian footwear, for the first time they appeared in Siberia. It was the low footwear which tops dragged separately, that is, with a seam. As the homeland of the real valenoks it is considered to be the city of Myshkin of the Yaroslavl province which handymen in the 18th century began first to drag valenoks entirely, with a top. By the way, in only two cities of Russia - to Myshkina and Moscow there are museums of the Russian valenoks. From the Yaroslavl region valenoks began to extend across the territory of all Russia with a wind speed. Very soon in each village the appeared workshop on production of valenoks, and in the cities began to build the relevant plants.

Advantage of the Russian valenoks and what always excessively surprised foreigners consists in unity of their form, lack of seams. Most likely, thanks to this feature the saying " also appeared; it is simple as valenoks . But this expression cannot be referred to the process of production a valenok demanding incredibly difficult efforts and abilities in any way.

First of all, sheep wool was cleared, broken until it does not become soft, dumped manually and on special devices, kept in boiled water and hydrochloric solution, put on triangular shape, obkolachival and only after all this forced down felt on a block to the necessary size.

In different regions of Russia valenoks called differently: in Nizhny Novgorod - chesanka and katanka in the Tambov and Tver areas - valenets in Siberia - pimam . The name depended also on wool: valenoks from goat wool called volnushechka and tricks and from sheep - katanka .

From time immemorial valenoks were very expensive pleasure . So, it is good if in the house there was one couple of valenoks on all - then they were carried on a seniority. And a family in which the valyany shoes were worn by all members of household, considered already prosperous. Valenoks were a remarkable gift, belonged to them with big accuracy to preserve for the next generation.

Without valenoks our ancestors did not think of Christmas and Pancake week festivities, carol-singing, fairs during which there was always the real Russian winter and a bitter cold! Then, probably, the well-known Russian national song " was also put; Valenoks . With pleasure authorities wore valyany shoes also: Peter I, for example, expelled a hangover the fact that put on valenoks bare feet and ate a plate of sour Russian cabbage soup. Catherine II and Anna Ioannovna carried the valenoks made especially for them even with magnificent ball dresses. Rescued valenoks and our army at the time of patriotic wars. In many respects the travelers developing northern territories were helped by them.

The medicine confirms the hugest beneficial influence of valenoks on health of the person. Sheep wool is capable to absorb and evaporate moisture, to accumulate warmly and, thus, helps at cold, rheumatism, radiculitis and other diseases of muscles and joints. Also it is often recommended to people with the broken blood circulatory system, at an allergy, respiratory diseases. Valenoks are very useful at diseases oporno - motive system because foot in such footwear is not deformed, besides, the valyany footwear passes air that interferes with development of fungal diseases. And still valenoks are capable to remove a nervous tension, feeling of fatigue and weight in legs, back pains. Promotes improvement of blood circulation a sock of valenoks on bare feet.

Recently even more often on counters of shops it is possible to see valenoks. They do not concede in anything to other fashionable accessories - skillfully decorate them with beads, a band, fur and an embroidery, paint in various colors, strengthen on a rubber sole with a heel, make even special house valenoks. It would be very desirable that such unusual, useful and convenient footwear became favourite and respected again and it was estimated in a due measure, the same as admire it abroad.