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How to organize effective marketing on social networks?

Advertising on social networks - absolutely new type of advertizing to which all companies and firms which want to reach on the present of effective contact with the potential client should pay close attention at present.

Social networks found mass popularity, without having managed to arise still. The most known of them - of MySpace. com and of Facebook. com from a sort 5 and 4 of year respectively, and for so short period they surely overtook all corporate monsters and even search engines. And they, most likely, are not going to give in. It is thought, developers did not expect such boom, but when many began to understand in what it will pour out in the future, social networks began to grow in the Internet - space, by leaps and bounds.

When the social network reaches an impressive traffic and multimillion attendance, there is an occasion to earn on it money and developers start on them advertizing. For example, on facebook users see on the pages something like a contextual advertizing, and on the separate page all possible ways of advertizing on the website, the seventh on attendance, in the world are stated.

Than social networks in respect of marketing are good?

Social networks - the biggest and most detailed database of all users registered on them. by means of search can find the person on certain interests, location, religious and political views, on a position, age, some certain preferences and so forth. Thus, having revealed target audience for the service or the product, you can quickly make for yourself the list of specific people, communicate with them personally or create the group in a network in which it is possible to invite them, to organize opinion poll and so forth. Frankly speaking, mechanisms of involvement of the target client here huge set! It is necessary only creatively and after careful consideration to treat it.

Let`s say we need to carry out a large-scale advertizing campaign on a global scale and we are interested in foreign target users. Let`s address alexa statistics. com. As we see, on data the moment enters ten the most visited world sites to an azhchetyra social networks - myspace. com (6 - e the place), facebook. com (7 - e the place), hi5. com (8 - e the place) and orkut. com (10 - e the place).

Comparison of growth of attendance of these websites for the last year can be seen from the integrated table of schedules of tools of the website alexa. com:

Now we will look what residents of the countries visit these resources:

MySpace. com and Facebook. com visit more the English-speaking countries (though others should not be excluded from a field of vision too), two other resources are focused on public from Latin and South America, Spain, Portugal and many east countries. Respectively, proceeding from the needs and interest for target audience of a certain geographical zone you can allocate for yourself a new, unbeaten way to heart of the foreign client.

And in what way to look for it - most, to employ the person, to create the whole group of sales managers with language skills, it is simple to order advertizing where it is possible, or to address experts who specialize in so non-standard ways of advance and advertizing on the Internet - to solve to you.]