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What is virus advertizing?

Virus advertizing has no relation to computer viruses, and the name menacing at first sight gained from a similar way distribution in the Internet.

Usually virus advertizing represents the amusing, ridiculous or shocking video, a flash - the animated film, game, the photo or a series of photos in various formats (for example in PowerPoint) where on object the reference to the advertized website is imprinted in any way. The user who watched such movie, the photo or the animated film has a sincere desire to share hokhmy with the friends, friends, just with any other users on the website, a forum, a chat, ICQ and even just in oral transfer. Those, in turn, - with the friends and other users - and so can proceed indefinitely while really ingenious rollers do not become known in the whole region and even on a global scale. And the majority from watched virus video or the animated film will follow out of curiosity the link which he saw there.

One of the most known virus ideas came to mind to creators of the website beer. com - they suggested visitors of the website to pass on the page where behind a virtual bar counter they were served by seductive barissa. Under the video image in line for input the user can enter any wish from the keyboard and girls execute it!

It became interesting to you, the truth? You at once after reading of article will go and look, so? And then what you will make? Give - I will try to guess - you will send the reference to the friends and familiar with the signature - watch what trick I found! Well, also you will fall an involuntary victim of virus marketing. And it is also necessary to developers of it. In a month after start of this website attendance of the website passed for several millions! And high attendance of the website is a profit due to placement on it of advertizing or directly sale of production from the website.

You think, everything is very simple? And think how many developers of the website should have made such video - the trick combined about a web - technologies? And development of any video or a flash - the animated film costs expensive. But in most cases all expenses pay off in tens, and sometimes in hundreds and thousands of times, and in most cases virus advertizing is more effective than any other types of advertizing.

In certain cases at unsuccessful idea or badly developed scheme of advance virus advertizing can not work.

I will add as an example others, including domestic examples of virus advertizing:

Website thepr. ru - issues certificates on enslavement of the world in the form of graphics which are created in online - the mode. Subsequently users download them and hang out on the websites, blogs, at forums and so forth. Others come to the website thanks to the reference on the certificate.

A flash - the animated film How to push an elephant in the " socket; saw more than half a million users. In such original way Corbin`s company - the Telecom advertized itself.

Advertizing, not format for television, takes place encore in the Internet - a network of the institutions " Teaspoon; started in a network virus advertizing of the Hot breakfasts having created frankly erotic commercial with gradually bared waitresses in the final covering each other with flour and presenting a hot breakfast to the dumbfounded guy on a tray.

Of course, on some rollers of the reference to the website you will not see as the company can be known and to them not attendance of the website is important and that it is called to be always on the lips at users and mass media.

That the most interesting and that attracts the customer of such advertizing most of all is that this type of advertizing is not persuasive and extends on a network by itself without additional expenses. Users become his distributors involuntarily. Though in most cases the initial push is created by developers of virus technologies - creative advertizing studios which push in any cunning ways a roller in ratings of popular resources to accelerate distribution process.]