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How to earn at home (the 2nd part)?

Continuation of the first part...

10. PRIVATE CARRYING. Having the privately owned vehicle and well knowing the city, you will earn big money, being private carrier by the principle of a taxi. And it is for this purpose absolutely optional to drive about on the city, looking around in search of voting. Stand at large shops which trade in large-size objects, for example, furniture, refrigerators, TVs etc. Delivery services not always work quickly, and often and in general are absent, and you can help people to deliver the things acquired by them. It is possible to select clients, standing at stations or just at the subway and on stops where the city transport badly goes. This work as late evening or even at night when transport does not go at all is most effective or goes extremely seldom. You should not lose sight also of the fact that drivers with personal vehicles, for example, for transportation of goods on outlets and its transportations back on a warehouse are required in the morning for many commercial enterprises in the evening. This work is very well paid.

11. INSTRUCTION OF DRIVING of the CAR. Usually the level of instruction of driving of the car does not allow to be prepared for examination in GAI. Having published the announcement in ship`s biscuits, having stuck them on the city, at driving schools and carrying out a set of pupils, you will ensure decent earnings. To attract the greatest number of clients, establish quotations on training, is how lower, than in driving school. Give the first lessons only on quiet small streets on the special covered areas etc. And only in process of development by your pupil of skills of driving, come out with it on more brisk sites of roads, to intersections with heavy traffic. It is very important that your pupil was able to put into practice that theoretical knowledge of traffic regulations which he gains at school.

needs to be considered that only those who have an experience of driving of the car not less than 3 - x years can be engaged in this business. Also do not forget to establish on front and back glass of the car identification marks Educational .

12. CULTIVATION of THOROUGHBRED DOGS. Dogs are only capable on to remove stresses, to lighten the owners mood, but also to bring in the income in a family. And what! Annual salary an ordinary doggie - several mllion of rubles. It is necessary to consider that this business demands at an initial stage not only monetary expenses and physical forces, but also a certain sincere spirit. Without this spirit, without love, care, not responsible for destiny of the pets there is nothing and to get down to business. buy

of the Puppy only from a good family tree and carefully verify authenticity of his documents. It is the best of all to buy in clubs of dog breeding or at exhibitions - sales which are regularly carried out by these clubs. Here you will be able to compare puppies, to consult with experts - cynologists about what puppy is most perspective for cultivation. Remember that only the qualitative puppy at the correct leaving, education and at a good attitude to it will turn into a qualitative dog over time. And for your future business it has crucial importance. It is necessary to notice that also occupation by cultivation of thoroughbred cats can bring in the good income.

13. CULTIVATION of ROOM ANIMALS. Cultivation of room animals can bring in the quite good income; hamsters, white mice, guinea pigs etc. These little small animals are unpretentious, eat only a phytogenesis forage, breed surprisingly quickly and enjoy invariable popularity at children. Also cultivation of wavy popugaychik, aquarian small fishes is of great commercial interest. Many people who were engaged in this business live only on the income from this activity. Of course, for achievement of such result it is necessary to provide consistent focus to the pets, to have a certain experience and big knowledge in this question. Read the corresponding literature, consult with the experts and people who are engaged in cultivation of the look chosen by you, and you receive not smaller result over time. to Sell

room animals, birds, small fishes it is possible on bird`s the markets, in pet-shops etc. Further it is possible to open the zoostall or even private pet-shop, selling not only animals, but also sterns for them, cages, aquariums, various devices for care of it, etc. to

14. PHOTOSERVICES. Even having the minimum skills of the handling of the camera and the photographic equipment, you can be engaged in photobusiness. At the beginning it is not obligatory to have a photolaboratory at all. It is possible to hand over a film on processing in a photographer`s studio. Remove on the street and at home, in kindergartens and schools, at weddings and other celebrations. Deliver the taken pictures to the customer independently or send by mail. Recently in the Russian market " cameras appeared; Polaroid who allow to receive pictures almost instantly. Having saved up a certain experience in this case, it is possible to open the private photographer`s studio and to take the art picture and a photo on documents. Services of the photographer are always necessary and are well paid.

Today some people have a video camera and if you belong to their number, it makes sense to be engaged also in video filming.

15. SERVICES of the HAIRDRESSER. Any person does not do without services of the hairdresser. And while the prices of all types of hairdresser`s services persistently creep up, you can organize the house hairdressing salon and earn perfectly, previously having finished rather inexpensive courses and to receive the corresponding certificate. Equip the hall with a mirror and shelves, buy necessary devices and begin with the acquaintances, fellow workers. If your first practice is successful, hearing about inexpensive hairdresser`s services, through your acquaintances and your familiar acquaintances will disperse as circles on water, and you will have no problems with clients and as a result - with money. Further it is possible to submit the announcement to mass media, to hang out them on the city and to work on a call at home for clients.

16. HOUSEHOLD SERVICES. Organize private studio of household services. Work independently or with assistants, for example, wash and iron clothes, wash windows, look after apartments in the absence of owners, water flowers, take out mail, look after pets. It is possible to earn not bad, being engaged in extermination of domestic insects. For search of clients make to yourself advertizing in newspapers or hang out the announcements on the city.

17. TUTORING. If you own knowledge in the field of sciences, teach private lessons. Submit announcements to newspapers or hang out them at schools, technical schools, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, just in crowded places. Help the clients with development of sciences, prepare them for offsets, examinations, for entering higher education institutions, technical schools. It is possible to perform various tasks, drawing works, to make out academic year and degree projects etc. Drawing up the collection of the best compositions, the collection of solutions of standard tasks in mathematics, physics, chemistry with their subsequent sale through booths and " shops can bring in the good income; Soyuzpechati on the street, by mail or in the same HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS.

18. TRANSLATION SERVICE. Today many firms and businessmen enter the international market, wishing to come into business contacts with foreign partners. As a rule, the conclusion of any contract is preceded by a long correspondence and they, experiencing difficulties with language, need a translation service. Such services are absolutely necessary also for the people working with different editions in foreign languages when translating various technical literature, brochures etc. Using the knowledge of language, you can have quite good earnings, working as such translator. And if your knowledge allows you to communicate freely in a foreign language, work at the international exhibitions, the presentations, at excursions of foreign guests etc. of

Buy the typewriter with a roman type and in parallel with the translation make out business correspondence abroad. Not superfluous will have also the machine with the Russian font for the translation into Russian. To find favorable clients, publish in newspapers or stick the advertisements on the city.

19. FISHING, CULTIVATION AND CATCHING of CRAYFISH. Now the prices of the majority of species of fish and crayfish sharply increased and in some cases even exceed the cost of meat of animals. Agree that nobody will refuse to buy fresh fish and furthermore crayfish. Besides, crayfish are bought by some restaurants, further you can organize a point selling fish products and give the fish caught independently or to agree with the organizations having the license for catching of fish about delivery of fish and fish products. It is possible to organize also small shop on production of fish products.

20. EARNINGS ON the GARDEN SITE. If you have a garden site, you the millionaire! Besides that the earth the huge value in itself, on 6 hundred parts it is possible to earn good money. And for this purpose at all it is optional to build up a site with up-to-date greenhouses with heating and to grow up in them pineapples and a kiwi. Experience of gardeners shows that in Ukraine and in Severo - the Western region of Russia it is possible to grow up the harvest sufficient to support a family and to make stocks for the winter, and to sell surplus in the market, having gained income to 10 million rub a year. Grow up potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, greens, strawberry, apples, currant, plum etc. By the way, it does not matter, if you have no garden site. Some farms allocate for rent grounds for city dwellers. Besides, it is possible to rent part of the earth at villagers. Sagination and cultivation of pigs, rabbits, hens, geese, ducks etc. can bring in the quite good income. At rather small expenses, it is possible to receive for a short time a set of products: fat, meat, eggs etc.]