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How to earn at home (1 part)?

How to earn at home (1 part)?

These materials are intended for those who want to achieve success in life, to considerably increase the income and to become the rich, but has no for implementation of the dream of seed capital who decided to follow a way of business and feels ready to it. They will help you to earn, using huge opportunities of the market, to find a kind of activity, the most corresponding to a warehouse of your character, your abilities and opportunities, to take the first step on the wide road of modern business. It is possible to give a set of examples of how the beginning businessmen during rather short period of time managed to earn tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, for achievement of such purpose it is necessary to show a certain commitment, persistence and energy. For a start define

what today the market needs most of all, be it some services or any goods. Define what is in the greatest demand, and think up the best option of satisfaction of this requirement according to your opportunities: Begin, and business itself will prompt the further course of actions, will correct mistakes. We offer you a number of easy and effective ways of earnings (activity, not demanding special capital investments).

1. PRINTING SERVICES. Having any printing equipment, for example, the copier, or having continuous access to it, you can quietly earn money, carrying out orders of the organizations and individuals. The quotation benefit on printing services rather big and it is possible to find clients. It is enough to give to newspapers or to stick advertisements on the city. Your announcements stuck in places where printing services constantly are required will give the greatest effect. It premises of regional administrations, notary offices, banks, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, libraries etc. Having earned some sum from this business, it is possible to acquire more expensive and, respectively, the printing equipment which is bringing in the much bigger income, like a risograph. This business will always find the clients and will always remain very favorable and perspective.

2. PRODUCTION the ORIGINAL - MODELS. Production the original - models, that is registration of various documents, forms and other printing materials on the computer, you can be engaged as a separate kind of activity, and in a complex with printing activity. For implementation of this business it is necessary to have the computer and the good printer on which quality of your work to a large extent depends. Do not regret money and buy the laser printer which at excellent quality of the press will quickly pay back your expenses on its acquisition and will make for you solid profit, production one original - the model on a leaf of a format A - 4 costs from 5 US dollars and above. For search of clients, similarly printing activity, give to newspapers, stick advertisements on the city.

3. LAMINATION. Be engaged in lamination, i.e. a covering of documents, forms, photos etc. in protective plastic. The device for lamination is tiny, rather inexpensive and will pay back costs of its acquisition within the first month of its work. Offer the services in crowded places and places where they are especially necessary: in offices of GAI where issue driver`s licenses, in photo salons, etc. Thereby you will ensure stable earnings. The approximate cost of lamination of the driver`s license - 1 US dollar.

4. PRODUCTION of ENVELOPES. The prices of envelopes of bases of brands steadily grow together with increase of tariffs for post services. You can earn, having made a template, having bought paper and having been engaged in their production. And having hanged out the announcements in post offices or having published them in local and nonresident reklamno - information publications, you will provide ready sale of envelopes.

5. PUBLISHING. Publishing - one of the most profitable types of business. It can make profit depending on your opportunities on several millionovdo of tens of millions of rubles. For a start define that you will publish. It can be the solid book on 200 - 300 pages or the brochure in 10 - 20 pages. At selection of materials for the book or the brochure it is very important not to violate copyright and not to get in this regard under a certain article of the law. At a reprint of materials from foreign sources surely make a reference to this source.

Carefully count the consumer cost of the book and expenses on its edition. If you have no sufficient means, organize a subscription to it with payment of advance payment. It will allow you to gain the necessary sum on the edition of the materials.

Realize the book among subscribers, at bookstores, through booths Soyuzpechati etc. Having submitted announcements to means mass, information or having stuck them on the city, for example, at the same bookstores, it is possible to sell it and by mail.

6. SALE of BOOKS; PRIVATE LIBRARY. Despite abundance of books in the market, their sale remains very profitable and perspective business. Buy books for sale directly in publishing houses or from wholesale sellers where they are realized without trade margin, is much cheaper, than in bookstores of the city. Sell them in crowded places, at the same bookstores, booths, by mail etc.

Having gathered a quantity of the most interesting books of various genres and having added to them the book from the home meeting, organize private library and rent books on the security. This idea is feasible not only at stations or at the airport where people waiting for the train or the plane with pleasure will pass away time behind reading the interesting book, but also in any other crowded place. Come into the nearest library and be convinced that despite huge the number of books on racks, it is almost impossible to choose something standing.

7. ZVUKO-And VIDEO. If you have the two-cassette tape recorder or, even better, the tape recorder with the player a compact - disks and have free time, be engaged in a sound recording. Duplicating records of popular music and selling them in crowded places, for example in the ware markets, at the subway etc. or taking orders for record, you can make good money. You receive the greatest number of orders, having hanged out the announcements in technical schools, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, hostels and other places where there is a lot of youth. Also sale of cartridges by mail gives good effect. For this purpose give the announcement to newspapers and send everyone who will respond to it the detailed catalog of the available records with the indication of cost of cartridges and conditions of their transfer and payment. Buy pure cartridges in the ware markets or from wholesale sellers. Now almost every second family has the videorecorder and very favorable business can become as well video. For this purpose you will need two videorecorders. For the rest everything is similar to a sound recording. by

In the long term, having earned the small capital, it is possible to organize small firm of a sound - and videos, having scattered several outlets on the city.

8. VIDEOSHOP. For implementation of this activity there is even no need to have the videorecorder. Having bought several tens videotapes with records of popular new movies and having organized their hire on the security, you receive a source of the daily stable income. The only condition which guarantees you success in this case - the repertoire of movies has to change periodically.

9. REPAIR of HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES. Our domestic equipment, and in particular - TVs, quite often fail, and very good money can give you occupation them repair. If you are not qualified necessary for this purpose, arrive on the corresponding courses and already through two - three months you will feel the expert in the field of radio engineering and will acquire necessary knowledge and skills for repair of TVs. And having published the announcements in newspapers, having stuck them on the city or having spread out on mailboxes (everyone has a TV now), you have an opportunity to check this knowledge in practice.

you Can be engaged in repair and other household appliances, for example, refrigerators, audio - and videorecorders, computers, etc. Besides, not all our TVs are equipped with the decoder PAL, LF - an entrance, DMV and DU blocks. Buying these blocks in radio shops, in the specialized markets or making them independently, be engaged in their installation in TVs. It is necessary to notice that, for example, without DMV or LF block - an entrance it is impossible to connect the videorecorder to the TV, and without PAL block - to receive the color image since the majority of videotapes are written down in this system of chromaticity. Therefore being engaged in installation of these blocks. You receive, a large number of clients and will earn quite good money.]