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How to apply the photo on a tree?

How to apply the photo on a tree? to

Hello, this article especially for handymen, having read article and having made some efforts it is possible to transfer the photo to a tree. for

to receive a photoprint on a tree, it is necessary to prepare, first of all, equal, without roughnesses, a wooden plate. Before drawing a photosensitive layer the plate is covered with an underlayer to fill small roughnesses of a surface. The underlayer consists of the following substances:

Washed......................... 3,5 g

Gelatin.................... 3,5 g

Water......................... 200 ml
the gelatin which Bulked up in water place

in a hot bathtub and mix before full dissolution, then add white soap and also allow it to be dissolved. Add to the received weight a little (about 7 g) dry zinc whitewash. Then it is filtered through three - four layers of a gauze, and in a warm state rubbed in a tree. Weight has to lay down on a tree an even thin layer. After drying of an underlayer apply with a wide soft brush a layer of such structure on a plate surface:

Chloride ammonium....... 25 g

Lemon acid......... 0,2 g

Water.......................... 25 ml

When an emulsion will dry, the plate is ochuvstvlyat the following solution:

Nitrate silver......... 10 g

Water............................. 100 ml
All operations (before exhibiting) carry out

in the dark or at weak yellow light.

In the glass or enameled ware pour photosensitive solution and omit in it preparation by a front surface down for 1-2 min. Dry preparation in horizontal position.

of Fotonegativ, pressed by an emulsion to a photosensitive layer, exhibit on solar or scattered to light. The endurance is defined visually as the image becomes visible during an exposition.

After exhibiting immerse a print for several seconds in weak (3-5%) solution of table salt. Then carefully wash out and fix in hyposulphite solution (250 g on 1 l of water). Then follows 15 - minute washing in flowing water and drying.

Fotootpechatok on a tree can paint with art oil paints. That paint stuck to a surface better, the photoprint is previously wiped with turpentine.

can Paint a photoprint or in several flowers, or in one. At a monophonic coloring paint is mixed with turpentine so that not really liquid weight turned out. On a piece of cotton wool gather a little paint and easy roundabouts apply it with a thin layer on all surface of a photoprint, without paying attention to separate details of the image. Having finished this operation, a piece of cotton wool so distribute the applied paint that it covered with a uniform layer all surface of the image.

So far paint did not dry, start removal it from light sites of a photoprint. Do it by means of shading - the thin pointed stick on which end the piece of cotton wool is reeled densely up. To remove paint from patches of light and light spots, shading is slightly moistened with turpentine. From gray-scale sites the paint is peeled partially, and in shadow - leave untouched.

Thanks to contrast between an untouched paint coat on shadow sites, to half tones and light patches of light, drawing gains juiciness and depth. Best of all to apply the following oil paints to a monophonic coloring: kraplak red - for red color, kraplak violet - for violet, Parisian blue - for blue and black soot - for black.

of the Technician of a coloring in several flowers is approximately identical with equipment of a monophonic coloring. As a rule, the coloring is begun with the biggest sites and conducted to the center. when coloring by oil paints it is easy for

of the Mistake to correct. If the coloring does not satisfy, paint is deleted with turpentine.

After drying of oil paint cover the ready image with a colourless varnish.

After processing is delicious also drying, the product is ready.

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