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Why the Italian draws on hands?

the Italian artist, the photographer, the illustrator, generally - - the creator and the creative producer Daniel Guido decided that it lacks canvases for self-expression. When he realized it, not in fell in a depression as other creative individuals would make, on its place. The Italian decided that the human body will become the excellent place for plots of pictures:

- - Painting on a body was the most ancient art form which knew mankind. The person since ancient times painted the body, walls of the dwelling.

Therefore Daniel Guido decided to revive tradition and to betray it modern implication. Naturally, most of all it as the man is attracted by female bodies. It covers them with various patterns - - it is necessary to tell that the artist succeeded in it. Major companies order to it to draw the advertizing. So Guido advertized - - chocolate, sports brands, cars, its models acted on various fashion - displays. It worked at Harley Davidson, Cytroen, Mercedes, Ferrari, Panasonic. In the country it both very famous illustrator of books, and the designer a body - scenery.

B 1990 Daniel tried an unusual art form - - drawing on hands. Animals became heroes of its creations:

- - Before getting to work, I investigated each animal in detail to see how I could give lines of an animal to a human hand.

Daniel says that his daughter, 22 - summer Ginevra and 15 - the summer son Michael James became his best canvases:

- - If you spend hours to hold someone`s hand, I preferred that it was the hand of whom I love. There is nothing worse, than work with unfamiliar model which constantly stirs up hands.

the artist spends three For each picture - four hours. Its first works borrowed much more time, sometimes Daniel drew ten hours in a row. Now at the artist new plans - - to represent

on hands of a series of horses, snakes, pandas.

Such love to animals is not casual. Every day - - Daniel comments, - - some animal species disappear, world balance is broken. The woods are destroyed, the quantity of plants is reduced. Tens and decades are required to restore plantings. We live in time when there is Earth impoverishment. People are engaged in self-damage of the planet. And I try to draw attention of the audience to these global problems .

that its art not is eternally and very quickly washed away the Italian artist does not worry:

- - I already got used to it. At least, I aspire to every day to begin with a pure canvas.]