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Whether I Approach for the Internet - works?

Allow to establish a certain fact: at most of people the wrong idea of work in a network. I do not mean simple absence of knowledge in this area - no. The speech about another. At many earnings in a network go to a parallel with such expressions as freebie free of charge quickly etc.

No offense of course is told - often users are not even guilty of it. The Internet gives a reason to think so. It is only enough to look at advertizing about earnings, often biased, and at once there is a wish to get to work.

Problems at the same time arise at all - it is normal - but not all cope with them, it is the fact. Ask why? There is a variety of reasons. Perhaps YOU are not SUITABLE FOR WORK IN the INTERNET? Let`s consider in more detail...

So that is necessary for the user that work in a network was for him available. Let`s reject existence of knowledge in concrete area of earnings so far - they will be necessary already in the course of work, and we are interested in requirements to start work. There are FOUR major factors:

# 1. Existence of the computer with Internet access .

You will laugh? Hold your horses. I will tell from the experience - such cases much. One use computers in an Internet cafe, other various communicators or and it is worse than that - usual WAP - access. All this does not approach.

At most that is possible is just collection of information for acquaintance - no more. Work in a network demands existence of the computer. You will be need programs for viewing of WEB - pages, e-mail clients, photo editors, HTM - editors, the antivirus and a firewall and are a lot more what.

It is clear, that on someone else`s computer nobody will give all this to establish to you and to make experiments. I do not say any more that some programs have a rigid binding to the concrete computer: for example WebMoney the keeper - well where you without it?

Some e-books have the same binding - they will be available only from one computer. For communicators I already in general am silent...

# 2. Existence of time for work and training .

It too important requirement. I have a certain statistics on this question. Without pressing in figures I will tell that at many a typical situation: there is a work out of the Internet (off - line) and even on simple studying of materials there is no time.

Meanwhile, this time needs to be allocated, regularly! And not 15 minutes a week - and at least several hours a day! The fact that nobody forces you and nobody watches you (you to himself the employer) discourages.

Work in a network is usually creative process, in some measure. Therefore you have to wonder - whether I have this time? If it is absent - whether I can arrange the affairs so that to allocate it? To count that as - nibud I will get out, at the weekend I will complete - in advance consciously to ruin future work.

Believe, I know all this firsthand - and itself passed through it, and communicated with many people. The most difficult is the first period. The person has a work (usual, not in a network) it brings in him some income - naturally that he is not going to throw it until the Internet does not give it as much or more. It is reasonable.

And here he expects when the Internet - the income grows to the acceptable level - but it does not occur. Also you know why? Because he gives to usual work of 8 hours in day, and goes online so, sometimes - to check mail of times a week, to glance on a couple of the websites...

Actually the quantity (and quality too) the spent time has direct dependence with your earnings. I do not mean that if you for an hour earned $3 that in the next hour you will earn $3 more - it is not necessary to exaggerate. But the fact remains - the spent time is connected with earnings size.

# 3. Financial vacuum or existence grists .

It, my friends, stopper right at the beginning. Also it is covered in specifics of any work, and the Internet - works especially. It is not necessary to expect that in couple of days you will be able already to make good money in a network so that you will be yourself (and maybe a family) it is good to provide.

To gain income - yes. But small. Possibly several dollars a day, it is possible. But what is $50 - $100 a month, a salary? Of course not. Therefore - we look really. The Internet will take away from you time at the beginning (on training + the organization of the business), but return will be minimum.

Means - you except time have to have also means to support themselves and a family. The vicious circle turns out: there are no earnings in the Internet because I give to time a little. I give a little to time because there is the main work. To earn in a network it is more, it is necessary to give more to time, means it is necessary to leave the main work. But then there will be no money!

# 4. Skills of the user of the computer .

Some just confuse - skills in the handling of the computer, and skills in the Internet - work. It is clear, that the beginner on work has no skills and cannot be. But skills of the user... Present that you get usual job, but you are not able to write and read? What your chances?

In the Internet to work the computer is your main tool. You can not know all its advantages so far, but if you do not know how to establish - to uninstall the program, to be connected to the Internet, to write the e-mail - work to the YET networks not for you.

I even had a funny case: the buyer sent the indignant letter, say bought from you the book and it does not open... It turned out that he never heard that such RAR - archive and what with it in general needs to be done...

Of course, there is nothing terrible if you what that do not know - to ask acquaintances enough, or just to type the necessary phrase in Yandex. But if you do not own the main skills in work with the computer - better to study a little. Otherwise earnings in the Internet will bring you disappointment.]