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Why real men love Windows?

Real men are not afraid of novel. It is easy not to be afraid of Unix - there all and it is so clear. It is far more difficult not to be afraid of Windows, knowing that it can throw out something unpredictable. Therefore real men put Windows even on critical servers. They do not know fear.

Real men are not lazy. Almost all yuniksoida are lazy - simpler in ten minutes to write them the script automating their work. Real men with ease spend hours for doing the same manually. They are not lazy.

Real men do not discuss what distribution kit where to put and that it is better for this task - Solaris or Linux. Windows - as the general line of party: one, even if and in several persons. Also develops as one organization wants. It is pleasant to real men because it as in army. Real men - for command system.

Real men do not need conveniences. They with a smile listen to disputes of yuniksoid on problems screw graphic interface and poverty of a command line. They and know all this, just consider that it is unworthy to care so men for convenience. Real men can sleep on a bare floor that to tell about a color velvet bed, let and put vertically.

Real men do not think of money. They with ease will pay thousands of dollars for ON for the computer, knowing that they can receive the same functionality free of charge. They do not need it, they are higher than similar meanness.

Real men do not need distant work. If it is necessary to them, they can arrive in server also at night to start the necessary software or to look what occurs. Eventually, they are real men.

Real men with firmness transfer tests. They know that different MS Office versions are incompatible among themselves, but are not afraid if it is necessary, to remake up the five hundred-page document. They assume that the old software will cease to be started upon transition to the new version of OS. To them, in effect, it is not so important. They will not ache, will just spend several days for copying of software, that`s all. They are real men.

Real men are thorough. They understand need to reboot system after installation of each program and in general, for the real man does not make a problem to do it everyone two - three hours. It is simple to them to sort periodically a garbage can on the hard drive and in the Register, they do not begin to swear in vain in the Network when at installation something one something else falls. They do not consider it abnormal and unnatural. They it is simple, having gritted teeth, solve a problem.

Real men are not bent when it becomes clear that the new version of OS demands three times more memory, and works twice more slowly. They just take the money saved on rest go and buy the new computer. Real men do not need rest.

Real men do not need neither ease, nor convenience, nor reliability. They need fight. And a conclusion from all this one: only whiners and weaklings sit under Unix. The real men sitting under Windows for it despise them...

The author is unknown.]