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How not to fall a victim of thieves of mobile phones?

If in the early nineties generally broke from passersby of a cap, then now just boom on theft of mobile phones.

Begun a few years ago mobile fever does not reduce rates. More likely, on the contrary: thieves cellular became more active. There are their several main schemes:

Sleight of hand and any fraud

Especially sophisticated pilferers pull out mobile phones from a bag or a pocket - in shop, the bus or at a concert, and disappear.

Conclusion: you remember what was told you by seniors - be vigilant in crushes, in transport, turns, hold with hands a handbag or a man purse.

Actually fraud

These pilferers are people special. They possess some knowledge of psychology. Approach on the street and tearfully beg (a pier, mother got sick or the girl did not keep the appointment) to allow to call. Well how here to refuse!? And unfortunate having hardly caught phone, rushes nautek.

Conclusion: not to give in on such arrangements, to be more attentive and more careful with strangers.

Fraud + sleight of hand

during session, especially at correspondence students, happens in any higher education institution some additional flow of the people, and it is easy for pilferer to give itself for the student and to worm way into group. And there - in each audience it is simple - on tables treasured mobilnichka are spread out. Or the handbags opened stand.

Conclusion: the real students, do not let out the things from a look.

the Open robbery

In the face of tens of witnesses or in the deserted place pull out the mobile phone from hands or break from a neck - and give I tear up.

they are able to Run - that - will not catch.

Conclusion: how many time was told - not to carry the mobile phone on a neck …

If you have all - snatched out phone - do not panic. Try to remember

as the robber looks in what it is dressed and in what party ran. It very much will help militia, so, and to you. It is possible to try to rescue a situation as it was made by one of representatives of weak (!) floor.

Having fallen a victim of the street robber, it rushed for the hooligan and tracked his movement on the city. Having found out where he hides, it went to militia.

If you too suddenly decide to pursue the offender, remember: it is better to do it imperceptibly. The open pursuit can provoke the robber to aggression.

should Call in militia at once after a robbery! Report where it happened and as the robber looked. Otherwise the criminal will manage to resell stolen and to prove fault and furthermore to return the stolen things, it will be extremely difficult.

Pickpockets - elite of underworld. However, as the staff of the Department of Internal Affairs, recently they " assures; became shallow : there are no true pickpockets capable to pull out a purse from a chest pocket, any more.

the Most available places for pickpockets:

1. Hip-pockets of trousers.

2. Side pockets of trousers.

3. External pockets of a jacket.

The main weapon of the thief - observation. Observe also you.

So if, being in shop, in the market or in other crowded place, you suddenly noticed the person who is obviously not interested in goods; if from time to time he exchanges glances with any type (accomplice), but at the same time pretends that he does not know it; if it constantly turns near cash desk, and his look wanders at the level of bags of buyers, then this person, or the company (2 - 4 persons), most likely, pickpockets. And therefore press the handbags and try not to show large notes!

As they act with ?

Pickpockets long look out for the victim. Having noticed as you showed the notes at cash desk, the pilferer can pursue for hours you. And once you distract - it here! In a flash will open with a usual edge or the ground coin your bag and without effort will take a purse from there. If unforeseen situations it does not happen, pickpockets create them: will face you in the doorway, incidentally will fall to you in the bus, and on the quiet will pull out a purse.

If you saw that someone dipped a hand into others bag, do not turn away! Remember, at any time on the place of the victim there can be you! And too it will be a pity for you that nobody stopped the pilferer.