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Whether Audi R8 will become the new diesel supercar?

Some days before the beginning of the Detroit motor show information about to a star Audi which will be presented on North American international automobile show filtered into the Internet. According to this information it is the diesel sports car, 500 hp

the German automobile brand will show in Detroit development of a concept, under the name R8 V12 TDi. As well as assumes his name, it will be 12 - the cylinder turbodiesel R8 version.

Experts in the field of the automobile industry already long enough expected emergence of more loaded version 420 - strong R8. The most part of rumors predicted petrol 10 - the cylinder engine, the head of the company Quattro GmbH, Verner Froveyn even confirmed that 10 - tsilidnrovy R8 will be started in production. This statement also predicts probable emergence of the third derivative of R8, and, most likely, it will be the fast and more expensive.

In spite of the fact that official confirmation was not received from Audi yet, R8 V12 TDi will be for certain equipped same 6 - liter 12 - the cylinder Twin engine - Turbo, as well as Q7. This engine is capable to give 500 hp and 1001 Nanometer of a torque at turns from 1750 to 3000. Use of the Bluetec technology also means that the car will conform to the European standards of production of exhaust Euro V gases.

And outstanding characteristics of this car - no doubt. Q7 weighing more than two tons, equipped with the same engine is capable to disperse to 100 km/h for 5,5 sec. of R8 about 1600 kg will weigh, and it is possible to assume with ease that this engine will help it to accelerate to 100 km/h for 4,0 sec., in a combination with magnificent acceleration on transfer and obgonny potential.

In case reaction on loaded R8 will be positive, and Audi will start it in production, R8 TDi will become the pioneer in development of diesel automotive industry - the real diesel supercar first in the history.]