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Orenblog. ru - an event of the regional Internet of 2007?

the Blog about the Orenburg down scarf - what can be stranger? Nevertheless, Orenblog created in August. ru drew attention probably almost all Russian the Internet - the users who are interested in blogs and LiveJournal. The separate program to this website was devoted by " radio station; Beacon . In a news feed of some the Internet - mass media could also see information on Orenbloge. What the website from the Russian remote place which drew such attention is?

We got used that all RuNet turns around Moscow. The projects created by provincials, as a rule, happen 2 types:

1) all-Russian - the websites intended for all Russians. In these projects regional borders are as if erased - having only deeply rummaged in contact information of authors of the website, it is possible to find the region from where actually there is this project;

2) intra regional - created especially for inhabitants of the region.

There are practically no other regional websites. Orenblog. ru turned out an exception of all rules. To write about it would seem especially regional trade for all the Internet - users it was interesting good idea. Nevertheless, usually just interesting ideas in itself infrequently draw attention. Drawing attention requires a certain event, an action.

The gift action organized with Orenblog also became such event. The essence of an action consisted in gifts to chiliarches - to the bloggers having more than 1000 friends in LiveJournal. For a small post with reference to Orenblog the real Orenburg scarf as a gift was offered. And chiliarches responded, having distributed information on the new blog on all Russian blogosphere. And quite often they absolutely disinterestedly printed information, refusing a gift or sending it to the close relatives. The action caused the most good feelings, having once again confirmed that national crafts are still popular, and the Orenburg scarfs are known practically to each Russian.

Responses of some chiliarches who received a scarf:

to Mother came the Orenburg down scarf, despite...

And some other news about Orenbloge:

Transfer about Orenbloge on radio Beacon The Blog for the Internet - shop of down scarfs

Orenblog. ru is created with assistance of the largest the Internet - shop of the Orenburg down products Palantin. ru. Three years of experience the Internet - sales allowed to make the qualitative blog about a legendary product. We hope that in the future Orenblog will continue to please all of us with new messages, news and interesting articles.