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For all - beginning VTF about algorithms with the Universe and finishing nanotechnology of

In further VTF - the great theorem of Fermat.

In tm. iatp. net are considered algorithms:

- creations of the ideal Universe and Earth - paradise;

- clonings of eternal and ideal intelligence;

- creations of uniform science, education, a calendar and language.

Ideal intelligence: spiritual, corporal and intellectual developments are identical. Among Mankind there are no orphans, disabled people, deaf-mutes, cripples, giants, Liliputians, blind people and others. Each intelligence it is not dependent on a monad - there are winners of a beauty contest. Reaching, the 25th summer age does not grow old, does not know an illness, has the only couple.

Modern life of Mankind is inconceivable without language, natural numbers and counts - reached everyone the hour of triumph. The advantage them was found when the communication channels containing forms of placement, storage, processing, receptions, and transfers, real-life information in any language by means of figures and words - counts are open. If any problem is reduced to columns, then it is reduced to problems of integer linear programming of the size n x n.

These properties of counts and natural numbers show that they are engaged:

- as unite (develop) and then as also two family of a body are multiplied one;

- calculation and expressions of the forms created and the created uniform bodies;

- to measure and show everything that gives in to measurement and a look - columns;

- quantities and sizes which increase or decrease;

- dismantling (representations of a cube - a rubik in the form of cubes of the identical size and color, and a sphere - a ball in the form of a piece) and assembly (representations of cubes of the identical size and color in the form of a cube - a rubik, and a piece in the form of a ball - a sphere);

- decisions is reduced to system of 2 linear equations with 2 variables - addition and multiplication of two natural numbers - one of 6 sides of a cube - a rubik of an order of n = 2:

X + Y = n + n = 2n; XY = n x n and - (X + Y) = - (n + n) = - 2n; (-X) (-Y) = n x n,

where Y - odd - the right last figures one of numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and X - even numbers: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8. They are n - digit natural numbers.

Each natural numbers and the created bodies have a name, monads (the yin and Yan), images - counts (Counts and contess) and colors - manifestations of their general harmony as:

- in a combination of figures 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 looks through a code - number to each body;

- in a combination of letters of alphabets and figures looks through coordinates and time - passports;

- in a combination of counts, alphabets and figures looks through images - appearance;

- in a combination of flowers looks through perfection of biological forms.

Theoretical fundamentals of cloning of eternal and ideal intelligence, with assignment to everyone 12 - a digit code - number proceeds from the great theorem of Fermat. It turns out that it is not up to the end formulated. The proof of the theorem shows that we do not know property of natural numbers.

Each natural numbers n bigger or equal 2:

+ (n + n + + n + n) = + (n n); - (n + n + + n + n) = - (n n);

+ (1/n + 1/n + +1/n + 1 / n) = +1; - (1 / n + 1/n + + 1/n + 1 / n) = - 1;

+ (n x n x... x n) = + n of the Art. n - (n x n x... x n) = - n of the Art. n;

+ (1/n x 1/n x... x 1 / n) = + Art. n (-n); - (1 / n x 1/n x... x 1 / n) = - Art. n (-n).

Natural numbers in a case of infinity loses force the situation which is from time immemorial approved by mathematics and all life experience of mankind that part not equally whole . Really, everyone positive, is also negatively multiple-valued an integer - the single copy. Each created uniform ideal body consists of definitely quantity of cages, and they can be counted by means of integers. We know that natural numbers through each 3 categories pass into other numeral systems. Then the account begins from 3n zero to 3n the nine.

using properties of counts, grammar and natural numbers Now, we will receive, the basic concepts: coordinates, name, monad and weight. And also when, the sizes that, colors and the directions which serve as basis - the base for introduction any theory in human life and give the grounds for creation of uniform science, education and language. And also allows to synthesize effective algorithms and on this basis to make a complex of programs.]