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How to force the excellent student to allow to write off? 10 ways


If the excellent student is a male individual, then the most certain way to catch its arrangement - to make eyes at it. It seems to you that the individual chosen by you watches only notebooks and nothing, except study, attracts him? And you try to show to it interest. Perhaps, he also went mad on books only because girls do not pay attention to it.


Generosity - line of our national character. And if to suspect this quality of the person, then it will surely be shown. Gently looking to it in eyes, say several phrases of approximately following contents: Petrov, you are such kind. You are such generous. And only you can help me .


Just tell it angrily: Petrov, be a man! If you cannot allow to the girl to write off, then you and the man - that cannot be considered!!! But such method is suitable not for everyone. Some can take offense. If your excellent student is too vulnerable, then it is necessary to find approach on the other hand: You are such courageous, such reliable, near you it is so quiet .


You too not dull creation! For certain you are able to do something better than this pyaterochnik. Perhaps he dreams to learn to dance, and you just do not get out from discos? So teach him. Or he dreams to get acquainted with the little girl from a parallel class long ago, and you perfectly know her? Acquaint. Yes you never know than you can help it. And if it needed really it, he will not be in debt.


Learn, than he is interested, and find the interest in this question. For example, he adores some the priest - group. Tell lies something type: Oh, and it is pleasant to me &hellip too; You have a latest album? You will bring to listen? Then it is possible to discuss songs: what - super, what - so-so. And all - you to it already the. And to refuse to the much more difficult.


If you paid attention that at your excellent student the feeling of compassion is strongly developed, then it is possible to press on pity. Ask it about the help with the unfortunate person. Explain to him that for you algebra (chemistry, physics, geometry …) - simply dark . And what if he does regularly not allow you to write off, you will surely obtain couple in a quarter, and then - in a year, then you will be left for the fall, and even absolutely deducted from school. Well, unless the compassionate excellent student can remain indifferent to such misfortunes?


Make so that the phrase our class got a response in his soul. Suggest it to catch up and overtake parallel classes. Explain that you the best, so, and progress at you has to be the highest. And progress of collective first of all depends on his most lucid minds. And if the botanist decides to remain an individualist and all yours will not want to think of companions, then » association; it will be compelled to trudge at the end . And to it, talented and clever Petrov, it is necessary to study in a weak class.


Hint that you have any confidential information on this or that person interesting to it, and your excellent student. If to your pyaterochnik nobody is uninteresting, except his own person, then for certain it will be very curious to it to learn that speak and others think of it, or the fact that you personally know about it. But you, probably, and itself understand - whatever people actually thought of it, he can learn only good. Otherwise you risk to acquire to yourself enemies not only in the person of Petrov, but also those whose opinion inconsiderately announced.


Many people are susceptible to flattery. Art to do the direct and hidden compliments in such cases - most important weapon. It is possible to pay a compliment to Petrov: to express admiration of his ingenuity, mind, appearance. And it is possible to speak flatterly of his girl, his friends, his dog … yes you never know about what? And it, most likely, will appear enough that it became pliable as plasticine.


to Some people is enough to react to the magic word poorly? and they right there come to the first combat readiness and seek to make even the most mad acts. If your botanist it is possible to part so easily, then why not to use it? Warm up his vanity words: Prove that you can allow to me to write off on control in spite of the fact that you sit on the first school desk! Prove that you are not a coward and you are able to do it!

If you tried everything, but the botany did not win a favor or if he absolutely put on airs and you will get nothing at it, then remains one - to become reasonable. It is necessary to sit down for textbooks and to tighten the started subject. Agree so even better, the knowledge it is always more reliable than knowledge of other person even if he is an excellent student.