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How to learn whether your darling is ready to marriage on its zodiac sign?

the Aries

Violent in anger, but quickly depart. Brave.

Is ready to marriage if it remembers your favourite cat and begins to earn to it on the best forage.

is not ready to marriage if it still squanders money for cognac for friends.


the Most stubborn and jealous man. Harmoniously combines laziness with labor enthusiasm. Thinks what knows everything.

Is ready to marriage if it buys in the bathing toothbrush for you.

is not ready to marriage if it for the hundred first time brings you a rose and invites at cinema.


Reckless guy. By a marriage treats with irony.

Is ready to marriage if it suddenly decides to do repair in your apartment.

is not ready to marriage if, it is lazy picking a finger concrete, suggests you to drill a hole independently.


is Behind his quiet face the whole storm of emotions. It is very vulnerable and strongly depends on mood.

Is ready to marriage if it begins to be interested, how much is the car to the REGISTRY OFFICE or what is the time from there to its favourite bar. If he laughs at you - it is a good sign too.

is not ready to marriage if it continues to compare you to the beloved mother, and at the solution of some question says that it will consult to it.

the Lion

do not doubt - it is the most confident person in all this world. He likes to solve everything for others. He respects family traditions, but to him not in power to guess that happens at you in soul.

Is ready to marriage if it ceased to vanish with friends in a bath on three - four days. If it becomes more gentle, and his desire will take you unawares in the most improper place.

is not ready to marriage if it hangs on phone in the evenings, agreeing about where and as they will buy beer today.

the Maiden

Remains to

practical and judicious even in captivity of a green serpent. Choosing you, it carefully weighed all for and against . Do not doubt, he knows about you much more you.

Is ready to marriage if it unexpectedly sinks into romantic dotage. If instead of a meeting with partners in business gets to police station for disorderly conduct. Drags you on taverns, noisy parties, concerts. Sings to you under a serenade window, and you live at least on 16 - m the floor.

is not ready to marriage if it sits quietly and hangs up to you on ears sober reasonings on future family life.


Is rectilinear

to the point of absurdity. It is easy to communicate with it. Prefers beautiful life.

Is ready to marriage if all his thoughts of how to place the third refrigerator in five-meter kitchen. Be not surprised if for St. Valentine`s Day he presents you the plane, he just very much wants that all acquaintances spoke about you.

is not ready to marriage if it after a visit of night club tells all what cool was a striptease.

the Scorpion

He is a good judge of money. From five meters unmistakably defines how many dollars roll on a floor. Loves that he got monasteries of the supporter of a family only. It is necessary to appreciate it on its affairs, but not words.

Is ready to marriage if it declares that its passport will sharply spoil a registry office stamp, or thinks wistfully of need to come back home every night after marriage. Do not wait from it for passionate recognitions in eternal love. He will make the proposal cold and prudently.

is not ready to marriage if it creeps before you on a lap and whines about eternal love to you.

the Sagittarius

is not enough

of Attachment to family values, and its attitude towards you changes, each two minutes.

Is ready to marriage if it seriously begins to be interested in wholesale prices for pampers for future child. The best thought - it is unexpected to become pregnant, only not a balloon, and really.

is not ready to marriage if it continues to argue on polygamy, a harem, construction of a minaret and adoption of Moslem.


Conservative. The one-woman man who will stubborn defend domestic tyranny delights.

Is ready to marriage if it becomes too impulsive and direct.

is not ready to marriage if it spends all free time for work, and on 8 - e March forgets even to congratulate.


Active, clever. It is ready to leave barchelor life only for two reasons - from - for big love or by calculation.

Is ready to marriage if it recognizes an example of the banded friends.

is not ready to marriage if in the morning you all also wake up one in a cold bed.

of Fish

Is very emotional and very reserved person. Turns small weaknesses with ease into addictions. Madly quickly wins female heart.

Is ready to marriage if it begins to look at the world soberly. If remembers, how much is your favourite chocolate. If, at last, presents something for you, but not what you use together.

is not ready to marriage if it continues to discuss the weakened biofield with a clever look.