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What tells color which we choose?

In different cultures value of flowers are interpreted differently so we will adhere to what is suitable and is habitual for us, and we will talk about what people what colors prefer.

White - color of innocence and purity.

At the Slavic people white color symbolizes sincerity, purity of soul and thoughts.

the Apartment with white walls arranged with white furniture makes impression of emphasized coldness and officiality. The snow-white wedding dress means innocence.

People who are attracted by white color constantly are in searches themselves and strive for perfection.

Black - color of secret, grief, evil and death.

Black color almost always symbolizes something negative, dangerous or forbidden - black soul, black magic, a green envy.

prefer to Put on in black creative persons, philosophers of life.

Red - color of life, pleasure, force and health.

Red color symbolizes danger. It is color of aggression and passion.

the People preferring red - are impulsive, vigorous and are partly aggressive - it is true fans of discussions and disputes.

Ardent admirers red - intolerant debaters and egotsentrist.

Pink - color of romantics.

It symbolizes love, sympathy and tenderness.

Fans of pink color constantly need support and protection - they lack confidence. These are sensitive, soft, a little fragile, gentle and open people. They are always ready to listen, understand and help.

Green - color of hope, naturalness and freshness.

Green color calms, and its abundance in an interior can cause a depression, melancholy green .

Fans of green color are modest, reserved, patient and are not inclined to rough manifestation of the feelings.

Yellow - color of protection.

It draws attention with the brightness, but at the same time can cause also mixed feelings. Yellow color excites and creates good mood.

Is traditional, yellow - color of happiness, wisdom and the imagination. People who are attracted by yellow color are open for

for all new. They possess good analytical skills and sharp mind. Their shortcomings - sudden fits of anger and high self-esteem. And, on the contrary, if yellow color causes negative emotions - such people try to postpone the solution of problems for later and to be afraid to analyze the acts.

Orange - the color which is excitingly operating on nervous system. Fans of orange color infect

surrounding with the vital energy - it is sociable, sociable and friendly people.

Violet color is a symbol of mysticism, magic, a spiritualizm , but at the same time and vital force. Many do not love this color. Violet either attracts, or pushes away.

People, preferring violet, are sensitive, acute and impressionable.

Grey color means readiness for compromises.

the People preferring gray avoid extreme situations, love definiteness, are serious and delicate.

Blue color means intuition, idealism, stability and rest.

Blue calms, weakens, cools and pacifies.

the People giving preference to blue tones are obligatory and strive for harmony in everything. The love to blue color speaks about conscientiousness and honesty.

Brown - color of solidity. the People preferring brown color, often are too careful

, but are always faithful to the principles and are responsible for the acts.

are inherent in Them such characteristic features as validity and responsibility. On these people it is always possible to rely - they will not bring. These people not really flexible, quite hard get used to a new situation, and are sometimes excessively stubborn.

Gold - color of splendor, abundance, a symbol of jewelry and wealth.

Valuable qualities, as a rule, gold: a heart of gold, clever fingers, mochany (when it is necessary) - gold. Jewelry in fairy tales always from gold. Among psychologists gold color is considered a symbol of universal love. If gold - your favourite color, then you learned true values of life.

Compare descriptions to the preferences and you remember - even if you it do not see yourself, people around so can perceive you.