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On a pepper no who missed?

Sweet pepper - unpretentious children.

Why in Soviet period they got the nickname Bulgarian ?

They manage to get accustomed practically in any climate, excepting the Sahara and the North Pole. In Eastern Europe they are dried up to make a paprika, in the Mediterranean baked and do sauces, in Louisiana without them you will not make a gumbo, in Georgia they - essential part of a feast

From the point of view of color scale sweet pepper can boast of the same variety as the Dutch tulips: they are not only flowers of the traffic light known for all, but also violet, black, shokoladno - brown and even colors of an ivory. All of them are born green, gradually ripening to the necessary shade - and at the same time adding in sweet.

Present pepper is very good itself - not that his crooked domestic ancestors. It is in proportion difficult and possesses the thick shining sides. Question: and why they so shine? Answer: from the same from what hair at girls in shampoo advertizing - from wax shine. If it seems to you that in your organism of wax and it is so enough, then wash your pepper. It is desirable a bast.

We stew pepper

we Take forcemeat, we add a lot of onions and carrot (all this melkoterty), we salt, we pepper etc.

we Stuff pepper.

In a pan for filling I put tomato to a stalemate salt and mayonnaise, and at the end of a few flour for density. In total! When I put

to be extinguished, I add to a pan with pepper potato, I add potato as in forcemeat there is no rice.

If to consider food from the point of view of advantage for an organism, pepper in the most different types should be absorbed in industrial quantities. To begin with the fact that sweet pepper - the source of vitamin C which is given from a general series of vegetables and a beta - carotene, the most powerful antioxidants (successful fighters against cancer cells, arthritis, heart attacks, diabetes and other pleasures of modern life). In green pepper of vitamin C is twice more, than in a citrus, and in red - three times. Their immediate family, chili peppers, do not concede to them on fullness vitamins, but are quoted less - just do not eat them much.


sweet pepper (especially red and yellow) surpasses a lemon and even blackcurrant In the content of vitamin C! And most of all ascorbic acid contains about a fruit stem, that is in that part of a fruit which we cut off during cleaning.

In pepper ascorbic acid is combined with a large amount of vitamin P (routine). Such commonwealth promotes strengthening of blood vessels and decrease in permeability of their walls.

Burning pepper slows down growth of cancer cells - researchers from Pittsburgh university came To such conclusion, and it is especially useful to eat it at a cancer of ovaries.

In pepper of pro-vitamin A have more, than in carrots: the daily use of 30 - 40 g of fruits stimulates growth of hair, improves sight, a condition of skin and mucous membranes of an organism.

It is vitamin-rich B1,B2,B6 and PP therefore the people having a depression, diabetes, hypostases, dermatitis and also at memory impairment, sleeplessness, a breakdown should include paprika in the menu surely.

If burning siliculose chili pepper to use inside it will help to normalize brain blood circulation, will prevent development of atherosclerosis, will facilitate a state at bronchial asthma, cough, quinsy, flu.

Thanks to the high content of mineral salts of potassium and sodium, and also micro and macrocells (iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium), pepper is irreplaceable at anemia, low immunity, early baldness, osteoporosis.

Sweet pepper can be used as a basis for a nutritious mask: rub a fleshy fruit on a small plastic grater, 1 h l. mix gruels with the same amount of sour cream and egg. Put a mask on a face and a neck for 20 - 30 minutes, wash away warm water.

the structure of pepper (both burning, and sweet) includes alkaloid kapsaitsin which actually, and impacts to vegetable characteristic relish. This substance stimulates work of a stomach and pancreas, stimulates appetite, reduces arterial pressure, dilutes blood, interfering with formation of blood clots.

For external application in the form of the warming ointments and plasters burning pepper is shown as radiculitis, arthritis, neuralgia and rheumatic pains medicine.]