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What is Italian cuisine and Mediterranean diet?

Want to be told at once that there is no so-called Italian cuisine, for that simple reason that each area, each area and even each settlement has the specific kitchen with infinite options on a subject. It occurred because that Italy long time lived the dismembered states, as resulted in such big variety of culinary products. Though, of course, not the last role was played also by the well-known Italian ingenuity, tendency to improvisation and cheerful nature.

For the first time culinary recipes of various regions of Italy were collected in one book thanks to patience and enthusiasm of the Italian cook by the name of Artuzi. He was born in areas Romagna, but spent the young years in Florence. Exactly there, in 1870, during association of Italy, Artuzi began to collect recipes of preparation of dishes at housewives, owners of taverns and restaurants of various areas of the peninsula. The recipe-book received great success, and in the second edition there were already 1800 recipes.

Speaking about Italian cuisine, it is necessary to mention the Mediterranean diet. It opened about 55 years ago one American nutritionist, professor of university in Minneapolis who landed with the Fifth allied army in Italy during World War II. He noticed that in the south of Italy elderly people are ill much less, than their American peers. Such typical diseases of modern society as diabetes, a sclerosis, a heart attack, obesity, pressure in Italy had no big prevalence. He at first called this type of food Italian Food, and then the Mediterranean diet. About 100 million people in the world follow its rules. Though it, in effect, and not a diet, and it is rather the lifestyle allowing the Italian population to be high on the list in the world on life expectancy.

It is interesting to note, as the meat made in Italy has the feature. Generally is a low-fat meat. So, for example, in the last decades in the territory of the country various breeds of pigs in which meat the content of cholesterol is lowered for 20% are grown up. This pork is used also for preparation of gammons, both smoke-cured, and dried. The American scientists came to a conclusion that beef of the Italian area Piedmont is beef with the lowest interest of content of cholesterol in the world. 20 - 25% less than usual. In Italy there are special butcher shops where sell generally this meat.

Pizza, pasta, rice, tomato sauce, cheese Parmesan, olive oil, a red siliculose pepper, young cheese of Mozzarell and a glass of light red wine is and there is the Mediterranean diet. Naturally, here it is necessary to add still fresh fruit and vegetables, and also sea and river fish. Let`s not forget also about wine vinegar, in particular about the acetic balm which does not have equal. It will not be pleasant to whom such tasty medicine ?

And why George Miller would joke: The Italian food has only one shortcoming: in 5 - 6 days you are hungry " already again;? Appetite pleasant to you and to new meetings!