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How to choose the autoalarm system?

After purchase of the car, regardless of its cost, any sane car owner first of all think of a problem of protection of the vehicle against dashing people. However as specialists in installation of security systems assure, there are several traditional delusions at the choice of alarm systems thanks to which work of car thieves becomes much simpler.

According to experts, very often car owners come to service and are interested in only one question - what by it the autoalarm system to choose. What it is better to take, Sherkhan, Starlayn, the Tomahawk or the Alligator (it is possible to list infinitely). At the same time drivers often choose signalka proceeding from their secondary service functions which have only indirect relation to protection of the car. And so, as experts assure, exactly thanks to similar reasonings thieves also can go by the car with good " alarm system; in only 5 minutes!

It is worth to remember that a problem of the alarm system - to signal, provide service and remote monitoring of the car. Level of protection against stealing at all signalok it is approximately identical and it not too strongly depends on cost. And, this level of protection is extremely not high... Well it one - two simple blocking, and installation of the central control unit in the standard place under a torpedo? For old 15 - summer foreign cars or strongly second-hand " Zhiguli; it is quite enough, but new tens and foreign cars demand already thought more over protection!

The minimum set for more - less average (it is emphasized - average) protection against stealing of the car worth from $7 thousand has to look so:

1. The alarm system with a floating code, it is desirable with different buttons of statement / removal from protection.

2. The cowl lock with management from the additional channel of the alarm system, and is even better from a separate immobilizer.

3. Separate immobilizer. On protection it is better contact, but as it is inconvenient to use it, it is possible also conveyor. The risk of reading of its code is small from - for small the radius of action of a tag. It is desirable that the immobilizer had wireless digital blocking - much more difficult to find them. At the same time it should be noted especially that existence of a regular immobilizer is not taken into consideration, it standard, it is established in the same place and a way of its round are developed by davny - long ago.

On cars cost more than $20 thousand is required already more serious protection. To the aforesaid gentlemen`s the set needs to add:

1. Mechanics at the check point (generally on a manual box) or on a steering shaft.

2. Increase in number of blocking.

3. Hardly turned most off blocking (the digital relay of blocking directly in a gasoline tank, Wait Up etc.)

4. GSM (and it is absolutely healthy with GPS - positioning) the controller. But consider that it is rather easy to muffle these signals - glushilka it is possible to buy even on the Internet!

5. The separate pager with CONSTANT AUTOMATIC control of communication with cars - as soon as contact with car vanishes (for any reasons), the receiver gives the alarm. But there can be also false alarms in the large cities and in dense building.

Owners of expensive cars should appear from autostart. According to experts, this system seriously lowers degree security of the car. In the presence of autostart it is enough to send to system command for start (kodgraberry or simply peremknuv a path in the central block), and all - blocking are bypassed. It is possible to beat glass, to disconnect conductings from a pedal of a brake and sometimes from a bench hammer and to go anywhere, not to open the main thing, a door. Therefore if to put autostart (in itself it is very convenient in our climate) then it is necessary to buy cunning immobilizer. Now there is only one system which allows to provide good protection in systems with autostart is a Black Bagh 71W with the Wait Up technology - at which the digital relay of blocking is able to define movement of the car in space and blocks chains only when the car moves. When the car stands still, there is no blocking, therefore autostart works normally.

The couple of words should be told about mechanical locks on transmissions. Their efficiency very often depends on qualification of the fitter and a design of the car. Sometimes in cars with AKP such locks are inefficient since management of a box hummock. And this rope is very easily available from - under a cowl where it is easy to have a bite it nippers and them to transfer the selector on the transmission to two clicks that means situation D - it allows to go forward on all transfers (the problem will be only with a backing). For this reason by cars with " submachine guns; it is just necessary to put the good lock on a cowl. However and with manual boxes there is a problem - car thieves squeeze out coupling, roll away the car in a quiet place nearby and quietly deal with car.

And here that the annoying - everything above-mentioned councils will not rescue from stealing by method of partial or full loading on the tow truck. The only thing that will help in that case, is a pager with control of a communication channel and normally built up sensor of acceleration / movement of the car. But experience shows that if your car is not too unique, then, seeing well protected copy, car thieves will not begin to risk and will be engaged in the car in the neighboring yard on which except unpretentious oralka there is nothing any more.

Besides, there is still the most cruel way of stealing (it is actual, generally for expensive car worth from $50 thousand) - robbery when the owner, about garage or on the traffic light, ask to free the room and to share all tags and brelka. Sometimes the owner still some time is rolled with themselves to understand whether there will be a blocking (even the joke was thought up angry what to go by car out of town in a luggage carrier - a bad sign...) . In this case GSM - a pager is useful remotely to block a car, but also this piece does not help if car thieves managed to leave far.

In conclusion about that how many all this can cost. The price of an average protective complex with installation makes $400-500, with safe autostart - $800, maximum navorot can pull for $2,5-3 thousand. And owners have to use the rule - the cost of costs of protection of the car has to make 5 - 10% of its market price.]