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How to protect the car from influence of the Russian roads?

In Russia there was a unique opportunity for our country to professionally protect the car. On ours remarkable roads cars with a protective acrylic film of VentureShield appear more and more.

This film is intended for protection of a paint and varnish covering of a body of the car against stones and road garbage. Danger of damage of the car at hit of road pebble and gravel during driving is rather high. On dirty country roads, highways and even in the cities there is a constant danger. A novelty from Venture Tape - Venture Shield - new revolutionary means which guarantees safety against the injuries received as a result of hit of road pebble in your car.

Is a miracle of progress is made at Venture Tape plant which is approximately in 20 miles from Boston. For the last 25 years the company increased twice and became the biggest producer of a protective film in the USA. Participated in test of this innovation that is called the whole world. The leading teams of motorsport Formula 1, FIA GT, NASCAR & A 1 Grand Prix and many others use VentureShield film. The film passed tests in extreme conditions of an auto racing and cross-country conditions.

the American experts tested this film on the special equipment imitating aggressive abrasive conditions of the road. This unusual abrasive test for resistance of material to scratches convincingly showed that on the unique properties this film is the unsurpassed leader among competitors. Follows from tests of the carried-out Fords and GM that ultraviolet rays get through a film and reach a paint and varnish covering, in a consequence paint burns out evenly and after a while there is no difference in shades between the protected details of the car and on which that the film is absent.

the Protective film of Venture Shield was initially invented and received the application for protection of blades of the helicopter against sand in dry deserts during war in the Persian Gulf. Now the product gained further distribution to areas of protection of the painted and easily scratched surfaces of different types of vehicles, such as automobile and trucks, motorcycles and even boats. It is real alternative of use of expensive protective metal and plastic designs which besides spoil appearance of the car.

of the Detail on which the protective film is applied do not differ neither on gloss, nor on color from the unprotected details. This film is polished with usual mechanical polishing that allows to polish the car without removing a protective film. Accuracy and quality of installation of a film is provided at the expense of digital curves which are cut out on the special equipment. Curves are calculated on concrete brand and model of the car that allows to provide the highest accuracy of installation. Ideally precisely processed edge of curves allows to establish reliably and qualitatively a film on a paint and varnish covering of the car and gives confidence that the film will not come unstuck during the entire period of operation.

of the Curve are prepared for protection of elements of a body: forward part of a cowl, forward part of forward wings, bumper, mirrors of a side view, regiment of the top part of a rear bumper, and also lighting technicians. On some models of cars option packages which curves for protection of thresholds and wheel arches enter are offered.

is Especially recommended to install a protective film on the low cars and cars having a massive front bumper. As such cars are most of all subject to influence of the stones and other objects which are taking off from under wheels ahead of the going cars. But producers of curves did not avoid both SUVs, and trucks.

This film is also fine protection against the small road accidents which are especially often found on parkings of big cities. Special interest was shown by our compatriots who often leave by the car on hunting or fishing. They with the Russian scale undertook to paste over the cars from top to bottom, despite sufficient high cost of this pleasure, but, as they say, beauty demands the victims.]