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Who is he, Pyotr Babayev whose name called confectionery in Moscow of

Time not in forces to erase from history a name of our fellow countryman Petra Hakeem to an ogl of Babayevo which difficult, but surprisingly interesting life proceeded in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Tambov and other regions of Russia.

On an equal basis with outstanding sons of Azerbaijan: Samed Beck Mekhmandarov, Ali - Aga Schichlinskim, Guseynkhan Nakhchyvansky Pyotr Babayev up in arms was at war on fronts of World War I. His name is immortalized in names of the enterprises, streets and parks. In 1922 the former Apricot confectionery in the city of Moscow which nowadays turned into the largest JSC " was called by the name of Pyotr Babayev; Confectionary concern Babayevo . Production of this concern has huge success in many countries of the world. Here, in Moscow, in Kuibyshevsky district, former 5 - I Sokolnicheskaya Street was renamed into Pyotr Babayev Street. In the city of Shaki the name of Pyotr Babayev is born by a recreation park where its bust is established. The large vinogradarsky state farm, and also one of branches of the Shaki silk production association are called by the name of this person.

Pyotr Babayev was born on June 10, 1883 in the small Russian town of Kasimovo of the Ryazan province. His father, Hakeem Babayev, was sent from the Nukhinsky County of Azerbaijan as one of organizers of a strike of workers here in 1878. Having appeared far from the Homeland, reticent, gloomy, difficult in communication and not able to express sometimes in foreign language, Hakeem Babayev gets a job on plant the unskilled worker. The destiny reduces it with the modest and hardworking girl Lyubov Grigoryevna who, it is necessary to pay it tribute, was not afraid to divide life with the firm and courageous southerner. Soon they give birth to 8 children. Hakeem very much wanted to give to the children the Azerbaijani names, however religious laws and customs of the Russian Empire did not allow it to make it, and called children: Antonina, Pyotr, Ilya, Dmitry, Ivan, Sonya, Georgy and Polina. The head of family of Babayev was a person progressive and very much wished that his children were educated people. At the price of big efforts he suits the senior from sons - Pyotr - in the Kasimovsky gymnasium. However study for a family of the unskilled worker was too expensive pleasure. Severe material conditions forced Hakeem to carry 13 - the summer Pyotr who studied 4 years in a gymnasium, to the county where he suits the son with the pupil on small mechanical plant. Here, at plant, Pyotr faces revolutionary movement and, having compared ideas of the father with needs of the simple people, makes the first and final choice in life. Young Babayev is stirred to action against autocracy, violence and injustice.

After the termination of an apprenticeship, at the age of 18 years, Pyotr begins hard independent life. And it began with job search which for the young Azerbaijanian was not though he already also was the highly qualified specialist. In search of the real work Pyotr Babayev visited many cities of the Volga region, the North Caucasus, replaced many factories and plants at which worked as the unskilled worker. Once it managed to be arranged the fireman on the steamship. In several days, having noticed its abilities, the management appoints Babayevo the assistant driver. However, where Pyotr`s destiny threw, everywhere he saw the same picture: wearisome work, lawlessness, oppression of inogorodets. Proud, not got used since the childhood to humiliations and injustice, Pyotr was forced to leave one work and to look for another. But those years he was known as the devoted friend, enjoyed love and respect among the environment for basic and honest character, frankness and sincerity, keenness in the treatment of people. These traits of character did it by soul of collective where it got.

In 1903 Babayev were comprehended by a heavy grief - the head of family Hakeem Babayev died. In a year Pyotr was called up for military service. According to the external data and level of physical training he was the best candidate for a Guards regiment. However became the sailor and after long altercations with the draft commission, he was enlisted on the Baltic Fleet. In rough days of January, 1905 he joined the ranks sotsiat - democrats. Conducted active promotion in naval crews, contacted and established connection with sailors of St. Petersburg and Kronstadt, with soldiers of garrison. Such vigorous activity did not remain unnoticed imperial secret police. The young fighter for freedom and justice was arrested and the long time was kept in a crude punishment cell in inhuman conditions. Stay in this punishment cell has pernicious effect on all his life. At Pyotr tuberculosis opened. Its health was so affected that the authorities were forced to write off it for health reasons in infantry. Seeing its irreconcilable character and wishing to get rid finally of it, Pyotr was sent on begun russko - the Japanese war. However miscalculated, P. Babayev, battling against a rifle in hands, proved the courageous defender of the fatherland.

Cruel defeat in war with Japan opened all putrefactiveness of a political system of imperial Russia. After the end of war P. Babayev, having served two more years as a part of a reserve Perekopsky regiment, got to Ekaterinoslav where it as the good mechanic is directed to service in a regimental workshop. Its service passed all this time under the supervision of police. However no threats and repressions, searches and arrests could break its spirit.

After the termination of military service the melancholy for mother and the family has an effect. Tested by vital difficulties and fight against autocracy honor in 30 - summer age Pyotr Babayev comes back to Kasimovo. Here it meets Kuznetsova Natalya Petrovna and connects with her all the short life.

In December, 1912 newlyweds move to Moscow where Pyotr settles to work as the mechanic in Sokolnichesky workshops of tram park. The young family lodged lodgers in one of tiny wooden houses near the place of work of Pyotr. Here, in the large industrial center, thanks to rich life experience, ability to communicate with people P. Babayev quickly moves forward in the first rows of representatives democratic and socially - political thought. However it has again an adverse effect on relationship with administration. Item. Babayevo began to cause in a police station, shadowing was resumed. And World War I which only began in 1914 rescued it from prison. Wishing to get rid of the unrestrained Azerbaijanian, despite his serious illness, he is called up for military service and enlisted the private in the third army which imperial command directed to a front line, to the German front. These severe and difficult days P. Babayev saw soon that the situation on this front a little in what differs from russko - the Japanese war. The same chaos, the same nonsense, the same sharp contrasts between soldier`s and officer life, the same a careerism and intrigues in staffs. And the most important - human blood is infinitely and aimlessly shed. Against lie and cowardice of politicians of the imperial government and its officials heroism of simple soldiers, one of whom was Pyotr Babayev, was brightly shown. Its patriotism forced the authorities to admire it. For the courage and courage, courage and firmness shown during World War I he was awarded by the highest award of Russia - an award of the St George`s Cross.

However soon its activity in army was interrupted.

At the beginning of 1916 P. Babayev for health reasons and as the highly qualified specialist was recalled from the front and was sent to St. Petersburg for work at munitions factory. And here P. Babayev in the center of events - meetings, strikes, demonstrations, revolution. But the fatal chest illness has an effect. In the spring of 1917 tuberculosis knocked down him in a bed again. But as soon as it became slightly better for Pyotr, he went on plant, was connected to work. This dedication got to Babayevo huge authority among workers. On June 10, 1917 there took place elections to factory committee of Cartridge plant. From 2848 voices for P. Babayev it was given 2357. In the list of the elite it was the first, having been ahead of the closest competitor by 514 voices. In several days Pyotr Hakeem to an ogl Babayev was elected the member of Petrograd Council of working and soldier`s deputies, entered into the military organization at Petrograd Council. In February, 1918 when the German authorities managed to break through the Western front and to turn into broad counterattack, P. Babayev was at the front. Knowing about its experience and fighting spirit, the commissioner on military affairs of RSFSR N. I. Podvoysky samolichno directed him to the front for formation and training of fighters. But the illness has an effect on crude entrenchments and trenches again. According to the decision of the management it is sent to Cartridge plant where he heads evacuation of the most valuable equipment from Petrograd to Moscow which in March, 1918 became the capital of the Soviet Republic. Having moved to Moscow, P. Babayev comes back to Sokolnichesky workshops. Thanks to organizing abilities and the huge authority he is elected the member and sekretay party committee of Sokolnichesky of the area, and then and Sokolnichesky Sovdep`s deputy.

Those years the Moscow Party committee sent as assistance to all corners of the country of the representatives. P. Babayev was sent to the closest back of the Southern front - Tambov. In August - September, 1918 he was a member of a gubispolkom and provincial party committee, and then headed the Tambov city town committee of party.

After return to Moscow Pyotr Babayev was elected Sokolnichesky`s secretary of a district committee of party.

All who knew P. Babayev were always surprised to how he managed to cope with a set of duties and at the same time not to forget companions, to care for them. Hot and sometimes even sharp, hating a facade and hypocrisy, he with surprising geniality could talk to the person, help it business or council. The cordial, friendly relations developed at it with groups of workers and employees of plants, factories and various regional establishments and the organizations. He often was at workers of the former Apricot confectionery, addressed them, advocated the interests of factory in the Moscow organizations. Even more affairs and cares when Pyotr Akimovich Babayev was elected the member of the Moscow Party committee and the member of executive committee of the Moscow Council increased.

With summer of 1919 in Russia there was not enough bread and fuel. Hunger and diseases raged. In these unlucky days, on July 17 Pyotr Babayev is elected Sokolnichesky Sovet`s chairman. On this post his organizing talent revealed. He made a set of important decisions, managed to talk over in a day with many people, to organize crew on unloading of urgent freight at railway station, to be engaged in destiny of street children.

The huge physical and intellectual overstrain, bad food and lack of rest imperceptibly made the business. The state of health of P. Babayev became worse and worse, and the pulmonary disease proved more and more sharply.

However he tried to hide the illnesses and very much did not love when reminded him about health, suggested to have a rest and receive medical treatment. He resolutely rejected all similar offers. In its absence the party committee made the obligatory decision on providing to it holiday and need of treatment. P. Babayev, as it was provided by time, was forced to obey to the party decision and to go to sanatorium. But did not pass also two weeks as it appeared in the study again.

In March, 1920 new elections to Sokolnichesky Sovet on which P. Babayev was re-elected as the chairman of the board took place. However in the hall of a meeting among his deputies it did not appear - the illness knocked down Pyotr Akimovich in a bed, and it could not rise and arrive to Sovet`s meeting.

Then deputies addressed it with the special letter in which they expressed warm feelings and the trust:

We, working and Red Army deputies of Sokolnichesky regional Sovet, having elected you to a high-important post of the chairman of the board as advanced and most faithful fighter for it is working - the country power, are deeply afflicted that you at the moment not among us that you are nailed to a bed by a severe illness that your clear, sure and kind word capable to infect with a rush to creative work is not distributed in these walls. But we are full of hope that your mighty will will cope with the illness that shortly you will be with us again that our general organizational work will go your skilled and firm hand again.

We send words of hot greetings to our favourite companion Pyotr Akimovich Babayev.

First plenary session of Sokolnichesky of Sovet of working and Red Army deputies .

The dreadful disease did not give the chance to rise. On April 15 he files in Sokolnichesky`s presidium of Sovet a petition for delivery of advance payment to it on the occasion of an illness and the related heavy expenses in the sum what Sovet`s presidium will consider necessary. On the same day the instructions was written on the letter: To Issue advance payment in the sum of one thousand rubles .

The illness quickly progressed. P. Babayev any more not in forces was to get up. In the house relatives and friends continuously were on duty. Thin, mournful Natalya Petrovna with the little daughter Valentina did not depart from its bed. Incessantly phone called. Hundreds of people inquired after about Pyotr Babayev`s health. On April 25, 1920 at the age of 37 years Petra Hakeem did not become an ogl of Babayevo...

Those days the " newspaper; Truth wrote: He died at the fighting post as it befits the Bolshevik .

There passed years, decades, a lot of things changed in our life today, but the name of our fellow countryman, Azerbaijanian Petra Hakeem forever will remain to an ogl of Babayevo in the hearts of people and in names of the enterprises, streets and parks. He was a hero of the time.]