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Disappear, a razluchnitsa!.

, of course, and in the most terrible night thriller could not dream You that darling will be the mean traitor. News it usually rushes into life with a roar of an electric train and as the alarm clock call, notifies that sweet night dreams terminated. It is noticed that the terrible facts of life reveal by all means one fine day when air smells of the sun and a fresh cucumber. About adultery of darling you recognize by firm tradition from the best friend whose cousin works (goes to English courses / to a pool / gym) together with your heartbreaker.

Is natural, news is broadcast izustno in confidence and unanimous condemnation of incorrect: Such woman and on whom exchanged - for Irka Pivovarova!

Of course, the first rush - to make row to the rascal and to deal with this bitch colored (it is known that the temptress can have no hair of natural color). And it is a serious mistake. Because it not a monster. He is the normal man conducted by genetic memory who just tries on on himself all steps of development of humanity. Here depends only on you, he will get stuck on primitive polygamy or consciously will choose a monogamy. That is you, only.

What is change? The science gives two definitions: 1 - fidelity to duty violation, 2 - transition to the party of the enemy. It to you what that has to? No. Therefore, your case - a typical dash in an enemy camp. So Pivovarova is the enemy who needs to be plunged. And your task - to avert darling from this plague gradually what he would understand with what treasure - that is you - the favorable destiny awarded him.

Try that the competitor as long as possible did not know you by sight (for this reason you should not be to her for work and to beat her with a handbag the head). It will give you tactical advantage and will release an operational scope. Learn the competitor`s address, go there and line domestic boys who all the same hang about, to kick and push blue " Zhiguli; - what have under a pocket mirror a bear cub - every time as they will get up near the second entrance. You represent, only this couple will retire as it from the street will reach disturbing ui - ui ! He, certainly, will at once rush to a window or on the street, in horror that its car is hijacked. A two-three of such jogs, and sex with a razluchnitsa in consciousness of the man it will be strongly connected with dreadful loss. Learn what spirits the competitor uses. (Ask the girlfriend to loaf about with the enemy in the bus. If perfume is unknown, the girlfriend can, having pretended to be the little fool, to exclaim: Oh, I`m sorry, as your spirits are called? Such smell matchless! ) . Buy a trial flakonchik and before arrival of the artful temper irrigate with this aroma a refuse chute. As soon as he, tired and hungry, so, angry, calls a door hand him a package of garbage. In a week the smell of the competitor will be subconsciously associated at it with fatigue, hunger and rage and, having inhaled began to smell her hair, it will be scary annoys unclear on what.

Study its clothes - or according to photos which blessed for certain brings from office parties, or having observed it (and what to do?) from - for a corner. Buy the same jumper as at it, wet it and leave in a bathroom for several days until the thing gets a persistent musty smell, and then hand to darling, it is gentle provorkovav: You spoke, you have nothing to wipe the car, and I incidentally came in sekond - hend - in my opinion, what is necessary and only costs three rubles! If after this action of your elect does not turn back just seeing a razluchnitsa, choose more rigid way. Present to mother a cut of checkered fabric from which at Pivovarova the suit is sewed, help mother to sew a dress, and convince her that it to it very much goes. Invite her more often on a visit and as soon as you take seat at a table, start conversation of type: Mother considers that it is time for us to get married (the family budget the wife has to dispose, children should be brought as soon as possible - the subject depends on what darling values most of all). Perhaps he will also not begin to argue with future mother-in-law, but by all means will bear malice against fabric in a section.

Such phrase can provoke quite good result: Last night I passed by hotel, and, know whom I saw about a casino? Nice such blonde, works for you. Pivovarova, seems? In red pass - a skirt, with a cigarette. From where I know what it did there? Air, probably, breathed. Next day your girlfriend has to call you and, having asked the mean traitor to phone, to tell: From kozhno - a venereologic clinic disturb. You need to come to inspection, we check Pivovarova I. A. communications. At itself to have the passport . It is the best of all to finish an action by means of the order of a song on commercial radio station to which your friend is in the habit to listen before a dream. You will pay any fifteen rubles - and your darling will hear: And now at the request of Nikolay B. for Irochka Pivovarova the last hit of Kai Mietuov " sounds; Irka, I know you love me, and your grungy chief is necessary to you only for career!

Next day the competitor will be dismissed and thrown out from memory. He right there will come crawling to you with a bouquet of roses and will swear eternal love. Here then you will also make to it sound row! And, however, is not necessary. He understood how he wants to marry and bring on you all money to your house.]