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How to buy the good mountain bicycle?

there Came the fall, already not hot, but also is not cold. It is a high time to reflect about health and to buy the bicycle for slow walks after work. If you decided, then the following step - choice of the bicycle. It is natural that the person, idea to buy the bicycle which for the first time lit up, has only one belief - purchase has to keep within a certain quantity of money. At deficiency of finance it leads to the fact what future cyclist takes ABBA that if only it was similar to the bicycle. And impudently use it " firms; who want to make business on bicycle fashion and forge goods.

To buy good and at the same time cheap mountain bicycle very not easy. It is better to spend, of course, some time and to look for the necessary information on the Internet. But if there is no time, then councils in this article do not allow you to buy frank stuff which we will call mountain by bicycle. So, than mountain differs from the normal mountain bicycle?

The most important - the price. It is possible to say that six thousand rubles for a piece of iron with two wheels - the unreasonable price as much as necessary. Nevertheless, the facts are that that the bicycle looking as frame carbon fabrics, 27 speeds but sold for the smaller sum (three - four thousand rubles), it will be obligatory to have the following shortcomings.

It will be very heavy. The usual weight of the average mountain bicycle - kilograms thirteen - fourteen. This will weigh not less than fifteen, in " in any way; successful cases - and all twenty. Brake handles on it will be plastic. Not the fact that all good bicycles are supplied with dural brake handles. But good bicycles which have handles from plastic will not draw upon themselves suspicions in gornost - will be to look at the price enough.

Brakes will be on strings that is the ropes going from brake shoes on a wheel will form the turned letter V. This system of the drive of brakes is necessary by very old bicycles and on mountain . Plastic details in brake system even if also modern type V - brake, that is the letter P forming as if, have to guard.

On a frame will be clear inscription: usa, bike, mountain bike, superbike and the other easily translated rubbish. Any decent bicycle firm will not write by the bicycle that this very good bicycle is called mountain and is made in America . So write those who are not confident that the inscription Made in China will attract the buyer.

Saddle mountain the bicycle it will be pleasant to you - convenient, wide, soft. Meanwhile the normal saddle of the mountain bicycle has to cause horror - narrow, by sight very fragile, is frequent - badly rigid. Nevertheless, it will be unlike more convenient to sit on this instrument of the Spanish inquisition, than on normal saddle mountain bicycle. It is even better to address to specialized shop where the saddle will be picked up precisely for the size. The saddle is docking part of which it is the share practically all weight of your body therefore you should not save on it - health is more expensive.

Existence of nuts of fastening of wheels and saddle. Remember - wheels and a saddle fasten clowns and in any way differently! Roughly speaking, there has to be an opportunity to remove wheels and to regulate saddle height without wrenches. Ha the mountain bicycle are not used wedges for fastening of pedals - you remember the Soviet bicycles? Pedals of mountain bicycles fasten on an axis with the square ends or on the cone tightened by a nut. If it not so, then you met with typical mountain by bicycle.

Rims by the real mountain bicycle shine much less, than on horn . The matter is that on mountain bicycles do not put the chromeplated rims. Any mountain bicycle is not delivered with flasks, and here mountain are almost always supplied with something brightly - green or crimson of this series. And the holder for a flask it will be obligatory plastic too. Protection against falling of a chain in an interval between the first back star and spokes - also a detail of registration it is exclusive mountain bicycle. Switches of normal mountain bicycles do not need this miracle.

No back shock-absorber, any strengthening framework, any forward soft fork by inexpensive mountain bicycle can be, and here on horn - please. That all these fashionable pieces do not work as it is necessary, and only increase unit weight, you for certain and guess.

Well and what, will be told by you? Here before me two bicycles: mountain and mountain . All above-mentioned signs at mountain it is available, however the price convinces more. I will buy everything - mountain .

Stop! Stop and think. The only positive result which you will achieve purchase mountain - you learn what should not be the bicycle. At mountain the bicycle within the first two months of very moderate operation back and forward switches, wheel plugs, fastening of rods, pedals, brake shoes will break, are formed terrible eights on wheels, all bearings will take off, all ropes will stretch and all nuts - by the way what else nuts by mountain bicycle what for nonsense will break? This bicycle will force you to work as hands, constantly correcting all new problems, and - earning by the head on new, already more decent device.

Do not buy mountain bicycle. Do not buy it even for driving on the dacha - you should not be accustomed to bad. Buy " better; Tourist for the same money. You will not begin to buy the 286th computer only because the computer is necessary, there is no money, and 286 looks almost as well as the last Pentium. Aha, in the same way - if not to include. Do not buy mountain bicycle!