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How to create the blog and to make it popular? Introduction of

Ya I want to write the instruction for creation and promotion of the blog . Strange desire especially as it is possible to find not one ten similar instructions in the Network. I will list some from them:

To Advertise the blog? Easily!

How to untwist the website in offline.

How to raise website TITs? Simply!

Councils for optimization of the blog.

Except numerous instructions, the managements and councils, at the Network there are also blogs which are completely devoted to a subject of creation and promotion of blogs (forgive for a tautology): Blogodelnya, How to earn on the Internet, the Blog in the help and many others.

Really, strange desire. Even very strange if to take into account that the creator of the " project; The Blog in the help already even the book " is written; How to turn the blog in Blogbaster very popular among bloggers.

Why I need it and whether it is necessary for someone else, except me?

It is necessary for me. I began to have the first blog in 2004, in LiveJournal, and this blog was quite popular in our Small Country. The reasons of this popularity, frankly speaking, were unknown to me - yes I and did not try to do something somehow to untwist the project in LJ. Now I have a new blog, Network journalism in the Small Country which is on the Blogger service. It became interesting to me to be engaged in advance and promotion of this project, and, besides, there was a desire to tell about what from this turned out. To me is what to tell!

All numerous instructions for promotion of the blog, in my opinion, are separate and inconsistent, and do not give a fair idea of how it is necessary to have the blog. The above-mentioned book about that, How to turn the blog in Blogbaster at all its advantages as it seems to me, contains too many unchecked theories and gives very few practical, real advice on promotion of the blog.

I hope that my instruction which I plan to write within this already new year is useful to the beginning bloggers. Perhaps, and not only beginning, but also quite advanced. And, you never can tell - suddenly it will even become very popular, and I will publish it the separate book! :)

So, went. Let`s consider that this article - already chapter 1 of my yet not written book. Introduction is ended.

From edition: the following heads are not expected as the author left the project. In a network - neither on old, nor on its new blog it was not succeeded to find continuations. So can, it also was a blogovodstvo secret? To promise gold mountains of information under gromkimzagolovky, to jingle several coins received for references...