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Hou from in hokus pokus?

Want to talk about conjurers a little. Who they are such, and in general what types exist.


the largest and most spectacular type of focuses. On a scene the whole representations and show with application of light, a sound, pyrotechnics and various achievements of science are built.

For a long time crafty attendants of various religions and sects used illusion in the benefits to themselves. Forced to believe the simple people that statues can come to life, pictures - to cry, people - to fly, spirits - to come to life etc.

Presently, by the way, swindlers of all colors give illusion for superopportunities of the person too and earn huge money on trustful people. For example, Israeli lozhkovy king Uri Geller - bent spoons a look earlier, and now in general it was thrown in preachers with a parapsychological bias

me this business is not pleasant - to be bought One enough only a box and you are already an illusionist.

Yesterday you are a tractor operator - today the illusionist

of Mikromagiya.

Magic, only in a miniature. :)

are focuses with cards, coins, cigarettes and any trifle which will turn up under a hand. You can surprise with the objects taken from the viewer.

Naturally demands trainings and rehearsals since it of micromagic is the cornerstone of manipulation and excellent possession of the fingers

Threw a pack and couple of coins in a pocket and the people with

cheaply and beautifully went to surprise.

Street - medzhik.
it is visible to

From the name that conjurers do something on the street.

If you hurry on affairs somewhere, and to you podgreb some suspicious subject with cards in hands, then be not frightened, it did not throw - and usual the street - a medzhiker.

These children have a good time and amuse people on streets, in shops, transitions, well where there are people.

Very funny look of conjurers.

Itself sometimes I take to the streets of Minsk to have a good time thus.

the Decorative Manipulation Cards

Ya I call
it briefly and beautifully DEMKA. It is elite, special troops. In hands of these guys of the card flash with a magnificent speed, not conceivable combinations are built in various and mind. with them Be extremely careful

, there are pros who are capable to throw the card on 150 - 200 meters and to get into an eye to the stood gaping squirrel. The ninjia with asterisks is direct. Train much and perfect the skill for years.

Actually there are much more types of conjurers. But I considered only those directions in which, which - that I know and I am able.