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From what to begin to write? Shortly about the main thing. I Want to tell

about from what to begin to write articles shortly.

So, you already decided that writing of texts (whether it be articles, stories, novels, verses or advertizing a press - releases) is your calling. The desire to write is, knowledge of Russian - is unconditional, at height, and business needed for small - to be begun. And to write something ingenious, of course. For example, actual and demanded article for which many the Internet - editions will be ready to pay you a round sum.

First of all, it is necessary to decide by on the purpose . The purpose is what you, actually, want to tell the article. For example, you want to tell about the FIFA World Cup, to acquaint readers with interesting people or to put a problem.

Decided on the purpose? Material is time to collect . Any article begins with preparation of material - it is a basis of your future text. All necessary materials for article have to be collected in advance before you sit down at direct writing of the text. Buy a notebook or a notebook in which you will keep necessary records. Get a dictophone - often preparation of material is connected with communication with other people. The digital camera will also help with collecting necessary materials, and good photos will help you to issue future article.

Your direct supervision and notes about any events, results of polls, interview, opinion of various people, a photo - video of events, contemporary records, information from mass media and television performances, the Internet, etc. can be material for article. In fact, all world around is filled with information which can be used as materials for your publications.

Following step. You need to define a circle of future readers - their approximate age, the sphere of their interests, and sometimes and many other defining signs: floor, social and marital status, religious accessory, etc. A lot of things depend on that for whom article is designed: style of a statement of material, a possibility of use of special terms, text volume, use of literary receptions etc.

is defined after that by style of article . The reader can convey the same information by means of different styles - so-called genres, for example, by means of the simple description, the reporting or interview.

Genres of journalism are meant as the types of publications united by similar signs. These signs are called zhanroobrazuyushchy factors. In modern journalism the following zhanroobrazuyushchy factors are allocated as the main, as a rule: display subject, display purpose, display method.

It is enumerable the most popular publicistic genres.

Information - article containing information on any event (that is the description of this event).

Analytical - article contains the analysis of an event or a situation.

The chronicle - article containing a chronological statement of events.

The reporting - the description of the events which are taking place directly.

The portrait sketch - contains the description of the person (group of people), and also his hobbies, work, interests, outlooks on life.

Interview - the genre containing conversation with the person or group of people.

The feuilleton - the genre based on methods of satire and humour.

In real practice articles written in a pure genre seldom meet. As a rule, the genre of article is mixed.

When writing article it is not obligatory to follow rigidly set genre, but it is not necessary to refuse genres too, otherwise there can be a situation when all your articles are similar on style at each other.

So, question: from what to begin to write?


- the first: it is necessary to decide by on article purpose .

- the second: to collect material .

- the third: to establish a readership .

- the fourth: to choose a genre future article.

The answer is clear? Now you can sit down at writing of your text.]