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What is drugs?

In the concept " drug; still there is a certain confusion. The medical sense its (anesthetic) does not coincide with common (means for receiving pleasure). Therefore all interested parties in Russia agreed that the substances included in the List of drugs by Permanent Committee on Control of Drugs (PKKN) of the Russian Federation and the term " will be considered as drugs; " drug; got legal sense along with the terms strong substance psychotropic substance the stupefying substance etc.

In other countries a situation same (i.e. substance belonging to drugs is defined by national legal documents, and nothing else). The legislation of all countries heroin, an acid, hemp preparations, a methadone and others - " admit drugs; in connection with the considerable public danger and the harm done to health of an individual (definition of World Health Organization).

These or those substances carry to drugs usually by the following criteria: ability to cause euphoria (high spirits) or, at least, pleasant subjective experiences; ability to cause dependence (mental and/or physical) - that is desire again and again to use drug; the essential harm done to mental and/or physical health regularly using them; a possibility of a wide circulation of these substances among the population; consumption of the specified substance should not be traditional in this cultural environment (otherwise first of all it would be necessary to carry tobacco and alcohol to drugs).

In the serious medical monograph about drug addiction (Drug addiction. I. N. Pyatnitskaya) is brought such classification of drugs: Sedative (i.e. calming) preparations where the author carries opiate drugs and hypnotic drugs of barbituratny group. The stimulating preparations - ephedrine, fenamin and so forth. Psychodelic preparations (that is the preparations changing consciousness) - an acid, preparations of hemp and other hallucinogens.

It is good clinical classification, but in many other books (for example in Sergey Belogurov`s book About drugs and drug addiction ) it is chosen a little drugaya:proizvodny hemp (the drugs made of hemp); Opiate drugs (the drugs made of poppy or operating in the way, similar to them); Snotvorno - sedative drugs; Psychostimulators; Hallucinogens; Flying Narcotic Active Ingredients (FNAI).

From above the given 6 groups of narcotic substances the greatest physical dependence is caused by opiate drugs, snotvorno - sedative drugs and alcohol (though it and not drug, in its scientific understanding). Causing strong physical dependence, these drugs at the same time do also huge harm to health of the person, affecting kidneys, a liver, heart and a brain.

Hemp derivatives, psychostimulators, hallucinogens and tobacco can generate the greatest mental dependence, respectively, (though, besides, it is not drug in its scientific and public understanding). These drugs are less harmful to physical health, but all the matter is that they affect a little in a different way a human body, and is more concrete, on a human brain, causing not failure of kidneys or the addict`s heart, and leading to irreversible changes of cells of a brain that, in turn, leads to serious mental diseases.