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How to help the children who lost parents or What is the Children`s village - SOS?

Why children are thrown by parents why they become to nobody necessary - from the human point of view difficultly to answer this question. As well as on a question: what with it to do? Over its decision already which a century the best state minds of the different countries fight. However none of them assumed that not the venerable scientist will manage to find a way out of this situation, and nobody to the famous Austrian student who thought up unique model of education for children - orphans to

to Each of us knows one: the main thing for the child who got to trouble or a difficult life situation is real parental heat and human desire to help. History of the Austrian student Herman Gmayner and his Children`s villages also began with this two simple truth. During the II world war the young soldier Herman got to Russia where once his life was saved by the Russian boy - the orphan. None of them then assumed that at this moment the first were born sprouts the unusual children`s project which will capture 132 countries of the world.

When in one of winter days 1947 in Herman`s head the thought of first to the Children`s village was finally issued , nobody believed it. Officials loudly slammed doors before his nose. Then the young man decided to act one. Once and he lost the mother. Lost and at the same time found in a face of the elder sister. Based on the children`s experience, Herman was sure - the child can always find parental heat in this world. And it is still remarkable - if the thrown kid has not only mother, but also brothers and sisters, the cozy home and the small world around them preserving against callousness, social, financial and household problems. Similar to the fairy tale? At all! Similar to Children`s village - SOS . Its model is simple and as showed decades of work of the project in the different countries of the world, is very effective.

Base The Children`s village - SOS is constructed of several bricks . Most important of them is Mother of the Children`s village - SOS . This calling, way of life and professional work. Mother - SOS passes careful and responsible selection of experts. This woman who chose the most female path lives together with children, brings up them, is in charge of housekeeping and gives all the soul as all other mothers in the world. The child who lost parents in the Children`s village finds a family again.

Brothers and sisters in the Children`s village - SOS is at each child. In SOS - a family 6 - 8 children of different age live and are raised, and never separate brothers and sisters. In 15 - 16 years the senior children from the Children`s village - SOS pass into the House of youth where they live 3 - 4 years before receiving a profession. During this period they are helped with study, employment and receiving housing. So children get used to independent life, but the family house in the Children`s village, and the loved one - SOS - mother remains a home for them.

The children`s village - SOS is 12 - 14 family houses and at the same time - the bridge in the world around providing reliable adaptation of children in society. The village is not isolated from world around. Children go to usual schools, kindergartens, circles and sports sections, music schools.

A still the Children`s village is always open for friends. From the very beginning it was national model family education of children. You know what Herman Gmayner had starting capital on realization of his large-scale idea? Only 600 shillings. But it appeared enough. At the population of Austria young Herman`s project got the most ready response: the number of friends of the Children`s village grew day by day. And in several years this idea flew about the whole world. And in 1994 it came also to Russia. So, in our country there were 4 Children`s villages - SOS in Moscow area, near St. Petersburg, in the Oryol and Murmansk regions. And 7 more Houses of youth and program of strengthening of a family and support of foster homes. Together with them in Russia there were also Friends of Children`s villages - SOS , the majority of which - simple residents of the different cities which help tens of thrown kids to find the mother over all country. Someone from them just lists a small monetary contribution, someone brings books and toys, and someone participates in interesting actions. So, in these holidays Children`s villages helped to build unusual " project; New Year`s cards - 2008 .

Irrespective of the participation all Friends of Children`s villages constantly receive letters from the wards with the story about how at them the situation is. And with pleasure write answers. Thus correspondence, touching and very necessary for participants of the project, - one more, psychological, " is started; brick Children`s village of Herman Gmayner. The person, by means of simple model who connected those who want to help with people who need the help.

And how many still the thrown kids in Russia will find this help and the own house with the loving mother - depends only on us ]