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How to use humour in the woman`s seducing?

Emergence of an inclination between two people do not give in to logic and does not conform to the rules. You, for certain, met good women near whom there are not best representatives of a man`s half who humiliate and offend them. It is all about an attraction. Good news is that you can attract the woman and, being a good guy, with the help of such simple means as humour. You should not be a clown, yours jokes have to have an amusing hint on intim. So, as to make it.

1. Sustain a pause

When ask you a serious question, sustain a pause, and then with a straight face of the player in poker make witticisms something. Coolness plays a paramount role here. The woman should not understand at once: joker you or really full idiot. Especially well it works if at you not idiotic, and very much even the serious and having appearance. Usually from such person wait for the corresponding behavior that best of all and to show. And while the lady is already sure that she solved your type, and it is worth screwing unexpectedly impudent sharpness on the verge, having made all this calmly. Contrast, a new detail in a line of conduct moreover and connected with humour (especially if it good, though impudent) give you charm Bruce of Willis, or will not give:-). Here everything depends on your abilities.

2. Add to usual phrases an intimate hint

we Will review an example. The woman speaks: “ I think to me it is time to go home “ In that case you can answer, looking at the o`clock: “ I just spoke to you 15 minutes ago. That I do not go to you home “.

If the woman speaks: “ Already late, it is time for me to sleep “. You can answer: “ I do not think that we are already rather close familiar for this purpose “.

3. Imitate it

If you are sure that you are able really well and is unmalicious to imitate other people, you can imitate the acquaintance in what it does funny. For example, if she sits always with a direct back, you can accompany, sit down even more directly and tell “ I think it is possible to work a little more over your bearing “. Usually, women like such behavior as it demonstrates that you feel confident, is relaxed and you have a good mood.

But, there is one but. Imitating it, you have to do everything naturally, but not for the sake of the fact that so it is necessary. Because the side between a joke and a spiteful subsplitting is small and unsteady here.

4. Reject its compliments

When the woman does you a compliment, you have to consider it as, an opportunity, to joke. If you sit in the bar, the woman approaches you and pays compliments, it is possible to laugh the matter off: “ Already passed into a phase of compliments? Give - then we will pass to one step, and you will buy me to drink “. Or still example: “ Oh, I not from those guys which it is possible to force to be given a compliment “. Generally, options here the weight, the main thing with them not to be mistaken. To joke, as they say, too it is necessary to be able.

5. Slap her something (childly)

Take something small and weightless, for example, a napkin and slightly slap it in a hand when she comments on something impudently and self-confidently. What it is necessary for? When you behave so childly, it relieves the tension. Such trick can be made after you told something amusing or when she pretends that you tired her.

6. You pay ambiguous compliments

Such compliments which will allow you to joke. Compliments which will come to an end with a subsplitting. For example, you speak: “ What beautiful shoes …. I argue that they looked excellently when were new “ etc.

7. Pretend that she invites you

If she speaks, “I want to walk, be more in light, etc.“. You can answer: “It is good where you will lead me? What it was, it has to be “ COOL “.

8. Do not recede back

If you joked, and it was not pleasant to it, she said something it seems: “ I cannot believe that you just told it “. You do not speak: “ Sorry, I joked “. It also is to crawfish. Thus, you recognize yourself as the bad humorist, the interlocutor, etc. If you are not self-assured, better do not joke at all, but if you are, then remain in the image up to the end and be faithful to the chosen strategy.

Humour - one of the easiest and fast ways to interest and attract to itself the woman. If you not the humorist, it can learn, watching for example, the friends, reading comic books, and thus gathering the stock of interesting and ridiculous phrases.]