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Whether harmfully to pick a nose?

- heard News? Freddie Kruger died.

- But how?!

- was picked a nose.

A joke a joke, but it is quite possible. So, recently capital physicians faced an unusual consequence of such habit: 15 - the summer school student, being picked a nose, made a hole in a nasal partition. And diameter of a hole made one and a half centimeters. How to get rid of an itch in a nose

you saw sometime the person picking a nose? Not really attractive show, truth? Probably, and you have from time to time a desire to get a finger into a nose therefore it is very important to remember that to pick a nose - harmfully. At the same time from nostrils tiny hairs which help to filter dust and dirt from the air inhaled by us are pulled out. In other cases, picking a nose, it is possible to cause bleeding or irritation of a gentle mucous membrane of a nose. If often to get into a nose dirty fingers, on a mucous membrane the purulent inflammation, or abscess can begin.

Many also understand: it is silly and ugly to pick a nose. What forces them it to do? Most often - excessive dryness of a mucous membrane of a nose. From - for dryness in a nose the irritation and an itch is felt.

Only as pick a nose, such feeling will not pass. the Best way to get rid of an itch in a nose - to take care of that air indoors was not too dry. Dry air dries up a mucous membrane of a nose and leads to the increased release of nasal   slime; - the irritation results.

That to avoid it, it is necessary to provide air moistening, especially in a bedroom, for example, by means of a humidifier. Also greasing of nostrils from within vaseline or mineral oil will help to get rid of an itch in a nose.

When your child will have next time a desire to get a finger into a nose, give it handkerchief, let properly will blow the nose. Often one it is enough to get rid of an itch. Interesting opinion Kovyryaniye`s

in a nose with the subsequent eating of the got contents - one of the best ways to remain healthy . In any case, one of the leading Austrian doctors so claims. The specialist in pulmonary diseases professor Friedrich Bischinger, declares that the people who are regularly picking a nose are healthier and happier than those who with efforts of relatives since the childhood were disaccustomed to this habit. Besides, kovyryalshchik are in bigger harmony with an own body.

according to the doctor, to society it is necessary to develop new approach to a kovyryaniye in a nose and not to forbid, and, on the contrary, to encourage children to do it.

Here that doctor Bishinger speaks: By means of a finger it is possible to get such places which are inaccessible to a handkerchief and consequently, it allows to clean a nose better. Besides, eating of dry snivels leads to strengthening of immune system of an organism. From the medical point of view, similar procedure is of great importance. From the point of view of immune system, a nose - it is a peculiar filter in which a large number of various bacteria accumulates. Getting into a stomach, this mix works as medicine. Modern meditsinapostoyanno tries to make the same, but in much more difficult ways. The People picking a nose and eating got absolutely free of charge increase protective functions of the organism . the Scientist also points

that children usually with pleasure are picked a nose, but, becoming adults under pressure of social conventions, they stop doing it. But as the kovyryaniye in a nose in the public place can cause condemnation in those who are not familiar with the theory of doctor Bishinger, please, do it when you remain alone with yourself.