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Web design, simply or not really?

All of us were in a similar situation. To you the client who should make a web - the website comes. They know what is wanted, and you know that you can offer them. You work on the offer. You spend several sleepless nights and drink coffee liters, composing a reply to the request and creating the website which seems to you a masterpiece. You with pride send by fax the creation (with sketches of pages) and begin to wait for inevitable phone call.

But to you do not call.

There pass several weeks, and you out of curiosity gather their domain name in a browser. To your unimaginable surprise on the screen of the monitor the curve, cheap and brake web - the website appears. In the bottom left corner the pictogram without restraint blinks, and the browser piles up one error message in JavaScript on another. At the top of the page it is lazy the shaggy, ugly banner is loaded, and along edge multi-colored buttons of navigation creep out. You quickly scroll the page down in hope that it is the old website of your client and that they still prepare new design. The most terrible presentiments become reality: the signature on the website says that it was updated last week!

But why? Your pages were such beautiful! They were such functional! On them there was everything that it was necessary for the client and was even bigger! What forced them to refuse your option in favor of this monster? Why?

the Small market - big problems

If is lucky you in this life, you never came up against a similar situation. Can quite be that the client accepted services someone who is better than you. As the designer, I would not be offended if someone honestly would eclipse me. If any of my clients would leave me, for example, to Kioken, I would take pride that I was included in one list together with them. Unfortunately, the market at which I work will never interest Kioken studio. My market - South Dakota, and I saw how the big share of my market a web - the websites is imposed in FrontPage `97.

In release 100, Chris McGregor (Chris McGregor) wrote article about fifth-graders and their web - the websites. And so here, where I live, the fifth-grader knowing HTML is already considered present a web - the designer and, what is even worse, he is a competitor. But why in general the similar option comes to firms to mind?

Money - the eternal reason

Ya I do not think that there was still such designer who never heard the words budget also did not make ritual dancings around it. All have a budget. Of course, he is not so great at the small companies which though to present itself(himself) to Web. The worker who carries out at them the " functions; technical specialist carried out time on the Internet enough and defined that abruptly and it is useful so the company - the customer already knows what it wants. However she does not know what is it.

When they come to you, they give you the list of different requirements and examples. However, the websites which they show you in qualities of an example of idea belong to such monsters as Sony. com or VW. com. these companies have such budget and resources which allows them to have such magnificent a web - the websites. And at a firmochka Bill`s Ham there is no such budget.

And still, you try not to get out for a framework of their budget. You can even meet requirements of them we will lower a tariff of hourly payment of your working hours. You are ready to spend the personal time to create an impressive web - the website. You do everything possible to receive the order and to make happy all. However, it appears insufficiently.

Sometimes the client falls a victim of a price syndrome. The company - the customer receives the offer sent by fax and passes all its text, addressing the last lines at once. If there is a sum which exceeds their expectation, they it is possible, even not will and read your message. All your unpaid sleepless night hours in three seconds go to a recycle bin and there disgracefully vanish. If the known black saying at military: Do not forget, the plane by which you fly is made by that who requested for its production least of all money (Remember, plane you`re flying was made by the lowest bidder). Can be the military and it is never possible to deal with the cheap contractor, but to the companies wishing to have a web - the website,-.

Of course, money is not the only problem for the little, simple customer. Your offer can appear within their expectations, but all the same will finish the life in a basket. If money not a problem, then that?

Fear of unknown. ...

If you begin to rush such terms as ColdFusion, Flash, availability, interactivity and integration into databases, you easily can frighten off the client. Bill and his company of Ham of Bill understands only ham and anything the friend. Bill does not know also a drop of the fact that does a web - the website good and that your terms mean. He can be heard about e-mail, he can be even saw several web - the websites which to it were shown by children from technical department, but everything that it is more difficult than it, frightens him, and the fright as a rule means fear. If you frighten the perspective client, you will achieve the same result, as in a case with a price syndrome (see above).

How not to frighten the client? Well, it is sometimes reasonable to hold all these terms at itself. Do not try to strike the client with the dictionary. Frankly speaking, they absolutely to a bulb the fact that animation will be carried out by means of Flash ActionScript and to them have nothing to know a difference between HTML at all - and CFM - pages. The main thing that you know it.

If they ask you about it, to you, of course, it is necessary to offer explanations. But do it very carefully not to frighten them or not to let to them know the nonsense. It is very delicate work. Your task: not to leave them in ignorance and at the same time do not overload them with excess information.]