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What to do if diarrhea took unawares?

Many of you, of course, know about such diseases as AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, at last, bird flu, and there is a wish to trust, none of you never laughed at the people affected with these or some other illnesses. But then tell me why other, not less horrible disease, is represented to us extremely amusing subject for conversation (in general strange as conversation can turn to this course). I as you already, likely, understood, speak about diarrhea. As there are a lot of ridiculous jokes, and true-life stories (allegedly not from the) we know on this subject and, all to us to laugh yes to scoff. However only reflect what horror overtakes the person who so at the wrong time got to embraces of diarrhea and if nearby there are no toilets and if a stopper, and you driving; all paints of life right there will grow dim, and its purpose will contract to the sizes of a small room, with a treasured seat and a drain tank behind densely closed door. If hepatitis - this is the murderer tender, diarrhea - this is the murderer cruel and ruthless, and it will hardly turn out to die from a diarrhea while the death seems the simplest disposal of torments. Yes, such dangerous enemy needs to be known by sight!

If you do not know, or pretend to be that you do not know what is diarrhea, then I will remind: diarrhea is a change of frequency and a consistence of a chair, it is characterized by unusually frequent liquid or watery chair. Allocate the following types of diarrhea: bacterial, virus, a parasitic origin, diarrhea of travelers, diarrhea of men - homosexuals (in advance no comments), diarrhea at patients with AIDS, an antibiotic - the associated diarrhea and a syndrome of excess growth of bacteria.

We will dwell upon some types. Bacterial diarrhea as it is paradoxical, is caused by action of pathogenic bacteria, besides a diarrhea also sharp belly-aches are observed. It is necessary to know that in most cases bacterial diarrhea passes itself within 5 days (5 days of a diarrhea (!) and, really the kickshaw), it does not belong to cholera which, at the same symptoms, without due treatment comes to an end with death. Virus and a parasitic origin diarrhea are followed by high temperature and vomiting. In this case the immediate help of the doctor and hospitalization is necessary.

Diarrhea of travelers most often arises at trips to the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America and is caused by change of nature of food, climatic features and nervous stresses. Diarrhea of travelers usually begins suddenly, proceeds with skhvatkoobrazny belly-aches and slight increase of temperature. Symptoms of dehydration of an organism, as a rule, are not observed, and symptoms of a disease disappear spontaneously during 3 - 4 days.

The biggest danger at diarrhea is covered in dehydration (you can not agree with me) therefore it is necessary to use more various liquids or special solution for a regidratation - Regidron - it can be bought in a drugstore, and it is possible to prepare independently - add to one pure liter: half a teaspoon of salt, eight teaspoons of sugar, the wiped mature banana or fruit jelly.

At diarrhea it is necessary to remember several rules: do not eat and do not drink milk and dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, coffee, spicy products, salty products (salty soups, chips, nutlets). Do not take some drinks with the high content of sugar as, for example, grape or apple juice, soft drinks, including Coca, do not eat very sweet products (candies, ice cream). Do not accept medicines without appointment of the doctor, once a day take body temperature. If diarrhea is followed by high temperature, the kcal has not natural color or bloody impregnations, there are severe pains in a stomach, rashes or tumors on a body, vomiting and also if you suspect poisoning with medicinal, chemical or other substances, then immediately see a doctor!!!

If diarrhea took unawares, accept imodium (it lopedium, it is loperamide), as they say in advertizing, but no more than four 2 - x milligram capsules in day. Overdose can strongly complicate breath and cause irreversible violations of the TsNS functions to whom and sometimes death. And detyamvoobshche it cannot be given.

Remember that the instant effect can give only … a stopper therefore if you suspect the fast beginning of diarrhea (strongly twists a stomach since morning) receive imodium in advance and take care of existence by a number of a toilet (if you on the street, then the toilet can be found in snackbars like McDonald`s). The top of foresight would be to take with itself a little toilet paper as our toilets, especially at schools and universities, are for some reason not equipped with it.

Take care.